Vols Low Cost en Asie


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20 Août 2007

Connaissez vous des compagnies low cost (genre Ryanair, Vueling, easyjet en France) pour voyager en Asie ... autre que Air Asia ?

Bon week end !


09 Nov 2006
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Il en existe plusieurs, mais peu passe par Shanghai, il faut que tu visites leur site directement.

Charter / Low Cost Airlines in Asia

Low cost airlines have permeated the Asian market, and there are lots of airlines to choose from. Bear in mind that most are no-frills and may not be the most comfortable, but the savings may be worth it.
Air Asia - Low Cost Airline Serving Major Asian Cities
Air Asia flies to pretty much any large Asian city that you may have in your travel plans. "Now Everyone Can Fly" is their inclusive slogan, for this low cost, no frills airline.
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Firefly, based in Penang, is the newest low cost airline from Southeast Asia, and is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines.
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This low cost airline is based in Indonesia and flies within Indonesia and to Singapore
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A low cost airline based in Indonesia with an odd tag line of FLYING IS CHEAP
A low cost airline based in Thailand which flies to China and Vietnam
Indian Airlines
Indian Airlines flies mainly between airports in India, but also flies to Pakistan and Singapore
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines is set to offer heavily discounted long haul airfares between Hong Kong and the UK, with plans to expand to Germany and California.
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A low cost carrier based in India that offers cheap flights within the country
Aero Asia International
Aero Asia International, based in Pakistan, flies domestically and to the Middle East
Air Asia
Air Asia flies to pretty much any large Asian city that you may have in your travel plans.
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Pakistan-based low cost airline that flies domestically and to Dubai
Air Deccan
As you scroll over the map of destinations to several cities in India, you will have quick touristic notes pop up.
Air India Express
This is the low cost arm of Air India.
Air Mandalay
Flying within Burma and to Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand
Air Philippines
Air Philippines is a low cost carrier that has been flying since January 31, 1996.
Air Sahara
Don't let the name deceive you...Air Sahara is based in India
This new airline flies within Indonesia
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A low cost carrier for travel within the Philippines
Awair is currently focussing on the domestic Indonesian market.
Bangkok Airways
Bangkok Airways is not some fly by night operation. It started in 1968 as Sahakol Air.
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from Cebu Pacific - "WE ARE THE FILIPINO’S AIRLINE OF CHOICE - We are a trusted member of each Filipino family and a vital partner in the nation’s progress"
Citilink is Garuda Indonesia's low cost airline option for travel within Indonesia.
CR Airways
From the website - "CR Airways is not merely an airline but implies a mission to "Discover the undiscovered Asia" - flies to cities in China
GMG Airlines
This airline, based in Bangladesh, flies to domestic destinations
Hong Kong Express
flies from Hong Kong and is set to fly to several cities in China
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Jet Star Asia is partly owned by Australian airline Qantas.
Kartika Airlines
This airline flies within Indonesia
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KingFISHer Airlines, as part of their mission statement includes this: "Happiness - We seek to build an organisation with people who choose to be happy, and will endeavour to influence our guests and co-workers to be happy too."
Lion Air
Lion Air began flying out of Jakarta in June 2000.
Mandala Airlines
Currently flies within Indonesia only
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Nok Air is one of several low cost carriers that serve Thailand.
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One-two-go is a low cost carrier that flies to cities within Thailand.
Pacific Airlines
Pacific Airlines is based in Vietnam, flying domestically and to Taipei
Paramount Airways
The low cost airline market in India is hot and competing with trains for customers. This is another airline vying for a piece of the pie...
calling itself the great little airline, PBair flies within Thailand and to Vietnam
Phuket Air
Phuket Air flies within Thailand and to Yangon
Riau Airlines
This small Indonesian Airline flies to a few points in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore
Siem Reap Airways
This little airline flies to a few spots in Asia from Cambodia
Silk Air
This carrier travels between cities throughout Southeast Asia and China
Skymark Airlines
Skymark Airlines serves domestic routes within Japan
Skynet Asia Airways
Skynet Asia Airways operates flights within Japan.
South East Asian Airlines
This small airline flies within the Philippines
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This low cost carrier in India boldly asserts - "SpiceJet is a low fare airline that will not treat passengers as sheep."
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This airline flies between a few Indonesian destinations and is partners with larger airlines such as Thai Airways and Eva Air
Tiger Airways
Tiger Airways has its entire schedule in one page, off of the homepage.
Valuair started up in May 2004, and on its website they claim "Is there such a thing as a free lunch? You bet! We've heard all the jokes about airline food but seriously, ours is quite good."
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Bon voyage.