Stage rémunéré à Shanghai - Organisation et lancement d'un projet


Membre Bronze
11 Juil 2008
Brief Description
Customine is a project dealing with the organization of a new way of selling consumer goods. The aim of the project is to organize a long distance order between the different Fabric markets in Shanghai and the worldwide customers. Quality, prices and delivery time are the three keywords of the project.

Position Overview
You will be the only one to handle the organization and services in Shanghai.

Essential Job Functions
•Managing the orders.
•Dealing with the orders as fast as possible to decrease the delivery time.
•Finding the good suppliers and keeping good relation with them.
•Quality controls.
•Sending the orders by express delivery for the lowest price.
•Market surveys

Requirements/ Skills
•University level –Abilities in French
•English speaking, Chinese not necessary but useful.
•No experience needed, however, frequent previous internship or training are preferred
•Rigorous and organized person.
•Basic knowledge of marketing and/or international trading.
•Control of the Office Pack and good presentation skills.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to:

I have seen on '' your work proposal and i am interested.

I have a Bachelor in Business Administration (3years) from ESEI International Business School in Barcelona, Spain.
I did this year (2007-2008) a Top-Up degree at the University of Lincoln, UK.

I have especially studied economy, marketing, strategic management, trading and entrepreneurship.

My mother language is French. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

I have already worked for different companies during my university time.

I did a survey on the dental industry during one month for a Belgium company in Shanghai and Bangkok last year.

My CV is joined to this mail.

I hope to receive news from you.


Martin Ravets
0032 476 23 43 80
offre de service

je suis ivoirien j'etudie la langue chinoise a shanghai en vue de mon doctorat en droit en 2009. votre annonce m'interesse que dois je faire.