Shanghai SkateNights - Ballade roller demain (Mercredi 4 juillet!)


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23 Oct 2005
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Lien retiré

Hi all!
Two weeks ago, our bi-weekly Shanghai SkateNights let you discover Pudong streets (here are the Lien retiré and the Lien retiré!), and this Wednesday, July 4th, we will ride along Suzhou River!
Hereafter are the details for the next session:

Wednesday, July 4th:
What: It will be a ride around Puxi by night, through small roads during one hour and half, staying in the downtown. No minimum level required Lien retiré We’ll wait the beginners and the pros can enjoy the speed ahead! Bikers and skateboarders are also welcome! Track length: 18km (so, please notice that it’s a little bit longer than usual). Zoom on the map and click on the markers in order to see the details of the circuit.
Where: Let’s meet in front of the Lien retiré (Jinling Lu by Xizang Lu, nearby People’s Square). The closest subway stations are HuangPi Nan Lu and People’s Square.
When: At 8:15pm!

If you don’t have skate shoes, you can rent it at the skateshops on the subway station Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (at Pudong). PS1: If it rains, or if the ground is still wet due to the rain, we cancel the session.
PS2: Arrived at Jing An Si, those who want to go back by subway will be able to do it because there are trains up to 11:07pm.
And for those who wanna have a meal, we’ll have dinner all together nearby the Temple Lien retiré

Don’t hesitate to forward this link to anybody else who should be interested in joining us!
Hope to see you!


两个星期以前,我们的晚上刷街上海被你发现浦东的路Lien retiréLien retiré!)。这个星期三七月四号,我们去苏州河沿着!
星期三,七月四号做什么 在浦西晚上刷街,关注我们生活的城市。初学者可以来! Lien retiré 你也可以用自行车或者滑板。轨道长度:18公里(所以比上次长一点)。如果你要看我们的线路,请缩放和点击地图。
哪里上海市音乐厅 碰面(金陵路 西藏路口)。最近的地铁站是人民广场或者黄陂南路站。


PS1: 如果下雨或者路湿的,我们会取消活动。,我们会取消活动。
PS2: 到了的时候在精安寺,如果你要回家,你可以坐地铁(末班火车在十一点七分钟)。但是,如果你饿了,我们一起去精安寺附近为了吃晚饭 Lien retiré

Je pense que c'est reporté à la semaine prochaine.
Si c'est pas le cas dommage car je me suis pas risqué à y aller avec ce temps instable.