Screening of EU short films // 10 Dec @ The Press

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mano - Job

mano - Job

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20 Juil 2016
Saturday 10 December 2016 at 2.00pm at The Press in Shanghai.

Screening of European short films.
and exclusive live performance with Olaf TARANCZEWSKI.

On Saturday 10 December 2016 at 2.00pm, EU Short Film Tour Asia presents, in cooperation with European Film Academy and CourtCourtRico, a special screening of European shortfalls.
It will be followed by a discussion with the music composer Olaf TARANCZEWSKI and an exclusive live performance.

Olaf TARANCZEWSKI is the music composer of the German short film "Dissonance" which won the best music at Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 2016 and the best director prize at Shenzhen International short film festival on Friday 24 November 2016.

During this special event, you will watch European short films (subtitled in English and Chinese) which have all won awards in European major film festival, including "Dissonance" and "The Runner".

Dissonance trailer (Youku) :
The Runner trailer (Youku) :

You will then have the opportunity to discuss with Olaf TARANCZEWSKI about the relation between music and film and listen to a live performance of great music themes of its own.

Book your seat now for this unique event as the number of attendees is strictly limited.

Hold press the above QR code for a few seconds to buy your ticket​

A small participation of 50 RMB will grant access to the screening
and will include a nice glass of wine, beer, soda or juice.​

Agenda :
- 2.15 pm : welcome
- 2.30 pm : screening
- 3.30 pm : Q&As with Olaf TARANCZEWSKI
- 4.00 pm : Live performance
- 5.00 pm : end of event

Venue :

309 Hankou Road 9 309号申报馆, Shanghai
5mn walk from East Nanjing Lu metro station // Exit 3

For any question :
An event supported by mano Communication and Design Agency through its CourtCourtRico initiative.

2016年12月10日周六在上海申报馆 :

欧洲短片放映,交流以及音乐作曲家Olaf TARANCZEWSKI的独家现场演出

2016年12月10日周六下午2:30欧洲短片亚洲巡演的第一站将正式开始,此次的巡演与欧洲电影学院和CourtCourtRico倾情合作,为大家呈现一场特别的欧洲短片视觉盛宴。放映之余,将有机会与作曲家Olaf TARANCZEWSKI互动讨论,并欣赏到他的独家现场表演。

Olaf TARANCZEWSKI是德国短片“失调”的作曲家,获得2016年安纳西国际动画电影节最佳音乐奖,以及就在11月24日周五刚刚闭幕的2016深圳国际短片节中夺得最佳导演。

本次活动期间,您将会欣赏到曾获得欧洲主流电影节奖项的欧洲短片(中英字幕),同时有机会与作曲家Olaf TARANCZEWSKI讨论电影与配乐的关系,并欣赏到他的独家现场表演。

Dissonance 预告片(优酷视频):
The Runner 预告片(优酷视频):




- 下午2:15 :欢迎致辞
- 下午2:30 :短片放映
- 下午3:30 :Olaf TARANCZEWSKI互动讨论和现场秀
- 下午5:00 :活动结束

活动地址 :

The Press 申报馆




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