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30 Avr 2008
Finance & controlling projects Analyst

Perfume & Cosmetics - Shanghai

Internship starting : Mid of May 08
Duration : 4 to 6 months

- Context of the Finance & Controlling department:

Factory producing 31,5 M products per year.
Finance & controlling department: 4 people.
Performing currently 2 main projects:
- Review of the Finance & Controlling processes
- Take over some treasury tasks currently handled by a Shared service Centre.

- Description of the tasks

The Intern will have to:
  • Optimise processes and tasks (Invoice validation, expense claim reimbursement…)
  • Analyse our analytical structure (review cost allocations)
  • Formalise our processes and internal control procedures
  • Increase the use of the Information System
He will have a high exposure to all departments of the company through the review of the processes

- Requirements

English required, Chinese / French are appreciated
Knowledge of MS Office

Student in « Cesure » / 4th year of study – at least one internship already performed

Autonomy & initiative
Experience / study in China is appreciated
Student in International Bank and Finance in France, I am interested by your intern offer.
Should you contact me for further information by email adress: fujichang@hotmail.com, and I will be happy to provide you with my resume.

Best regards,

Looking for an Finance Internship


Student at the business school of Poitiers (IAE in France), I'm reading for a Master's degree in business management specialized in Finance. Currently completing this one with a degree in partnership with a Chinese University of Nanchang, I am looking for an Company which would accept me for an internship in financial department in China.

Concerning my finance knowledge, I think that the experiences accumulated on French and English University, in addition with my work placements are the proof of my skills. Moreover, I could be in charge of any kind of accounting or management mission to contribute to the Company objectives.

Dynamism, autonomy, sense of responsibilities, hard working and good communication are my principal qualities which I am ready to put at your disposal. Regarding my adaptation skill in a foreign Country, it no longer needs to be proved.

Futhermore, I have already the right to work in China up to the end of december 2009.

I can make myself available for an interview at your convenience.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,
Mr Dorian ANNIC (dorian.annic@laposte.net)
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Interested in your advert

Good evening,

My name is Alexis SANCHEZ, I am 21 and I am a student from ICN, a french business school located in Nancy.

I am interested in your advert since I am looking for an internship related with accountancy and/or management control. Moreover, I am expecting this internship to be in Asia.

I have been attending to different courses related with accounting: financial accounting, cost accounting, financial reporting (especially on the consequences of new IAS/IFRS) and corporate finance (financial analysis). Moreover, I performed two internships in the financial department of both a plc and a public body.

My written and spoken English are current. I have been studying in Edinburgh, UK, for one academic semester - which I just finished. I have notions in Mandarin.

I will be available on July, taking into account the end of my scholar year and the visa procedure.

If you feel interested in my profile and desire more information, please contact me at alexis.sanchez@hotmail.fr so I can send you my resume.


Alexis Sanchez

Purpose: 6 months work placement application in china (July 2009)

As a student of the Montpellier Business School, I spend a full year in Shanghai, which will allow me to accomplish two goals. First of all, I will be studying for a semester at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics allowing me to further my knowledge in business administration. Secondly, I will be seeking for an opportunity to use the skills learned during my training and capitalize on my previous professional experiences in a developing company in finance.

It is for the previous stated reasons that I wish to apply to your firm for a 6 months internship in your account department. This experience would line up with my professional ambitions considering I wish specialize in finance for my final year at the Montpellier Business School.

Rigor, adaptability, relationships and the ability to work as a team are essential qualities that I was able to notice and develop during my past professional experiences.
I was also able to show initiatives and rigor through the several work placement and jobs I carried out in College during my apprenticeship contract.
My experiences abroad were beneficial as they allowed me to realize that both adaptability and self-sufficiency are qualities particularly useful in a foreign country, outside of a European environment.
I started my studies with a technical training and then decided to broaden my skills, in particular in international trade by studying at a business school. This will enable me to have a more global approach on the future projects I will be involved in. I would be delighted to contribute to your company to help meet its challenges. It would allow me to improve my skills and abilities in a field such as yours.

I appreciate your consideration and an opportunity for a personal interview would allow me to demonstrate the value I could bring to your organization. I look forward to hearing from with you.

Best regards,

My Resume :

Nicolas SERPOL Nationality: French
Born: 12-02-1984 Address: 中国 上海 北苏州路668 4 1902
Age: 25 (Shanghai)
Phone: (0086) 152 21 28 27 01
Email: nserpol@gmail.com


2006-2010: Bachelor Honours in Business science, Graduate Business School – Montpellier France

2007-2008: Bachelor’s degree in Economics – Xi’an International University - China
2005-2006: Bachelor’s degree in Logistics Management – Annecy - France
2003-2005: Associate degree in Logistics Management - Lyon - France
2003: Scientifis A level


=> July to August 2007

SECOCI - Belley, France – Public accounting
Customer service
- Customer service - Countable seizure
- Integration of countable software - Market research

=> September to August 2005-2006

SUD INDUSTRIE SERVICE – Annecy, France – Logistics and services
Quality Service (apprenticeship)
- Team management - Market research
- Benchmarking - Software implementation

=> September to August 2004-2005

ERARD - Lyon, France – Industry
Quality and Maintenance Services (apprenticeship)
- Completion of the data base on ERP
- Integration and management of a software of maintenance

=> June to July 2004

ERARD – Lyon, France – Industry
Assisting trainee production manager
- Plan and manage the purchase of a machine

=> 2001- 2004 (summer jobs)

CIAT - Culoz, France - Industry
Assemble line air conditioning devices


ENGLISH: Intermediate
CHINESE: Level 2 HSK read, written and spoken
GERMAN: High school level in writing, speaking and reading
SOFTWARES: Pack Office, Sphinx, Internet, Adobe, production software


2006 - 2009: Active association member of the Student Office - Business School
Sports and hobbies: Bike downhill, skiing, Movies, foreign culture