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29 Août 2007
Nous recherchons des stagiaires pour une durée de 6 mois.

Début stage: avril 2008

Fin stage: septembre 2008

DTASIA est présente en Chine depuis 1998 et distribue ses produits dans tout le pays.

Nous recherchons des personnes motivées, ayant le sens de la vente.

L'anglais est indispensable, chinois et autres langues sont un plus.

Veuillez envoyer vos candidatures, CV et LM: alice.truong@ballande.com.cn

Assignments during promotion time:

* Make sure all our products are on shelf, clean, at the right price.

* Prepare the tasting and promotional material if any. Develop good relationships and professional attitudes with each shop.

* Respect each shop's policy and the environment (competitors, etc.) Welcome and serve customers in shop.

* Help and advice on wine Promote our range of products Report daily on sales and customers' comments Assess and improve the working environment in shops Suggest promotion ideas

- Assignment off stores:

* Assist one of our sales managers

* Prepare a sales action plan

* Follow-up and report

- Conditions:

* The company will provide a wine training

* There is an absolute rule of not disclosing any information and documents gathered in the company during the internship.

* During the period, the student will be assigned a tutor within the company to help if needed.

* Opportunities are in the midst of DTASIA; in other words, currently, we are looking for Sellers, Marketing/Communication assistant. Frequently, trainees start as Sellers in the store as Carrefour and if they are motivated, reliable, and hard working characters; they will get other opportunities…
Monthly Remuneration: 2500 RMB/month + commissions on sales and targets
Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir dans quelle ville sont basés les stages que vous proposez?