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Offre d'emploi: Brand Ambassador

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Pékin et Stages' créé par PHFAYE, 9 Avr 2012.


    PHFAYE Apprenti

    9 Avr 2012
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    Dear All,

    Please find bellow an offer for a Wine & Spirits Brand Ambassador based in Beijing.
    You can leave your email address and information on this page.
    We would like to hire the brand ambassador before beginning of Summer 2012.
    Brand Ambassador


    To develop the company liqueurs awareness to ensure a leading position in China.

    Job Description

    1. Products
      1. Focus and support on the company product

    2. Territory

    • CHINA : will cover the key cities in North China.
    • Based in Beijing

    3. Develop the brand awareness and volume in China

    • To work closely and efficiently with Sales and Marketing team.
    • To help the sales & marketing team to achieve the target: volume and brand building.
    • To select and work with Key Accounts to develop the product presence (High Image Accounts + Local MOT + Off Trade)

    Animate Key-Accounts On Trade (Hotel / Bar / Restaurant)

    • To support the brand image in On Trade channel:
    - By maintaining a close relationship with F&B, Beverages, Bar Managers, Bartenders, and acting as an Ambassador of the company portfolio,
    - By visiting the outlets with sales team, including 3 night markets visit per week
    2. Set up and Follow up of the Promotions:
    - By working closely with the marketing team (especially the Brand Manager or Assistant BM) to develop and set up On Trade promotions,
    - By supporting the sales team to sell the promotions and setting up in outlet
    3. Menu-Placements: To obtain cocktail listing, cocktails pouring, cocktails promotions, repetitive features and permanent menu-placements
    Product Education: Staff training seminars on ML brands.
    5. Brand Visibility: Ensure high levels of visibility for the brand. Assist the marketing team in developing custom Point of Sale needed.

    5. Animate Key-Accounts Off Trade (Hypermarkets / Wines & liqueurs Shops)

    • Set up and Follow up of the Promotions :
    - By supporting the Key Accounts sales team to promote the brand in Hypermarkets and wines shops,
    - By supporting sales team to set up tasting programs in Hypermarkets,
    - By training the Promotion Girls and following up their progress,
    - By working closely with the marketing team to develop and set up the POS and others tolls needed for the Off Trade promotions.
    6. Being a relay to the marketing team and the Asia team
    1. Environment :
    - Reporting of key elements during market visit in every city
    2. Industry :
    - Collecting andassessing the competitor’s activities
    3. Market
    - Constantly look for business opportunitiesand propose action plan.
    Selection Criteria

    1. F&B background is preferred.
    2. Languages : Mandarin & English are required.
    3. Previous Selling Experience is preferred.
    4. Must be self starters : Candidates need to demonstrate the ability to draft their own schedules in order to reach set objectives(daily, weekly, monthly).
    5. Must be flexible. The candidates need to be comfortablenavigating the work environment of MHD and the trade.
    6. Candidates need to be comfortable in andproject the luxury world the brand stands for. Need to be able to adapt their presentation styles to the audience theyare working with. Their appearance should beconsistent with the luxury portfolio they represent.
    7. Must be computer literate. They should be able to customize brand presentations for specific accounts, reporting on excel and word. Comfortable with Internet.
    8. Should have excellent oral communication skills in both English
    9. Must be able to work evenings... specifically an average of 3 per week.
    10. Must be able to travel in China

    · $TBD
  2. morganlabarthe

    morganlabarthe Apprenti

    9 Avr 2012
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    Hi my name is Morgan (French)
    I'm interested in your offer and I would like to be interviewed by your company.

    I look forward to receiving your reply

    Best regards


    Morgan Labarthe
    China Mobile: (+86) 131 2667 2152
    Int Mobile: (+86) 186 1173 6401
    E-mail: labarthe.morgan@gmail.com
  3. DNA.Y

    DNA.Y Apprenti

    17 Mai 2012
    +0 / -0

    My name is Dany (french chinese native) and I'm interested in your offer if it's still available.

    Best regards,

    Miss Dany
    China mobile: (+86) 13521525214
    E-mail: dany.li@gmail.com
  4. Julien09

    Julien09 Apprenti

    21 Mai 2012
    +0 / -0

    My name is Julien (french)
    I'm really interested about the Brand Ambassador position that you offer
    If it's still available, please find below my email address and my phone number
    I am available for future meeting if you wish

    Phone number : (+86) 13717550994
    E-mail: julienscopano@yahoo.Fr

    Best Regards

    Julien Scopano

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