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Looking for a flat from the 25/01/10 at Suzhou

Discussion dans 'Suzhou, Nanjing, Changshu et le Jiangsu' créé par Damien 大米安, 26 Nov 2009.

  1. Damien 大米安

    Damien 大米安 Membre Actif

    16 Nov 2009

    My name is Damien (达米安), I’m 22 years old and I’m French (法国人). I am currently studying at the University of Shanghai (上海大学) at the engineering department.
    The next semester I will be in Suzhou (苏州) to do my final project. I have an internship in a factory close to SIP area. I am looking for a FLATSHARE.
    Looking for:
    -a rent around 1000元/month
    -a contract for 6 months but I planned to stay in China some years
    -Room available from the 25/01/10 because I start my job the 01/02/10
    -Furnishing room with a bed, office and cupboard
    -with internet (broadband)
    -City center or SIP area (if you have advice let me know ^^)
    -if possible a big flat (~5 flatmates)
    -I can come for a visit
    I use to share flats with 6 and 8 people because I already did it in Spain and in Scotland.
    I like to play volley-ball, parties, take beers, communication, drawing, women :)
    I am a no-smoker guy.
    If you interested in my ad please send me an e-mail.
    Damien >_<
  2. Zhu Li An

    Zhu Li An Ange

    9 Mai 2007
    Salut Damien

    je viens de t'envoyer un message privé.

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