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Picut Industries

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29 Jan 2008
Employer: Picut Industries Asia (PIA) is the Asian branch of the group Picut Industries based in the USA. PIA is located in Shanghai (south of Shanghai: Shuang Bai Lu) and performs light manufacturing and assembles of several types of industrial products. These products are both exported to the US and sold in the domestic market.

Needed: accounting diploma + experience (exp. in manufacturing would be a plus)
Must speak and understand English
Familiar with accounting software (jindie yongyou)
Effective administrative and organizational skills (Str0ng attention to details)

Job duties:
- Prepare for Company income tax annual inspection and reporting. Prepare monthly VAT declaration.
- Control of the cash flow and bank statement. Payments and reception of money.
- Daily update of list of accounts receivables and accounts payables to keep overview and be able to arrange payments on time. Debt chasing.
- Monthly reports on receipts and expenses as well as on accounts receivable and payable. P&L statement, general ledger, ageing report.
-Perform inventory control, participate in inventory cycle count and follow up on variance. Prepare inventory turn report.
-Ensure compliance with accounting, taxation and customs law and regulatory requirements.
-Retail selling price computation, prepare and maintain all audit trails and working papers.
-Handle all inquiries from government and regular filing and submissions to government.
-Scrutinize purchasing department pricing and delivery and correct chargeback to vendors; ensure accurate Accounts Payable.
- Other tasks as assigned by the manager.

Salary: 2000 to 3000 RMB per month.

Please, contact Peng Min: PMin@picutind.com or 6434 1729
Honeybaobao!! Y a du taf pour toi!
En plus je vois c'est super bien paye...pas chiant du tout les duties...

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Je rigole bien-sur...

Must speak and understand English

Salut Honeybaobao,
Tu vois ou' que c'est uniquement pour un chinois?
Je vois pas l'utilite de poster une annonce chinoise sur un forum etranger :hum:

A cause de la paie? 2000-3000/ mois anim_grin