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08 Avr 2006
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Canton Powah
Ouverture d'une nouvelle sandwicherie, pas si nouvelle que ca car LeParis existait deja mais uniquement en livraison a domicile. Maintenant on peut aussi manger sur place, au LeParis "Snack Café"

Dear Customers,
We are pleased to announce the opening of THE LeParis "Snack Café"

LeParis Snack Café Store is situated on Taojin Lu just in front of Taojin Jiayuan residence:
Address : Taojin Jiayuan, 65 Taojin dong road,
淘金 东路65号 ( 淘金家园)

In order to have you enjoy your food and adapt it according to your own taste, LeParis Snack Café gives you the possibility to create your own sandwiches and personalize your meal by choosing among :

* 9 different ingredients such as: Parma ham, Mortadella, Tuna Caviar, Pastrami, Emmental cheese, Gouda cheese, Chicken Cinnamon, Chicken Cumin and salami
* 7 different vegetables / side ingredients such as: tomato, lettuce, green pepper, cucumber, egg, pickle and green olives
* 3 different kind of FRESH soups changing according to the season
- "Le Garden": HOT mix of vegetables soup (potato, tomato, carrot, zucchini, onion, garlic)

- "Le Gaspacho": COLD spanich tomato soup

- "Le Pumpkin": HOT pumpkin soup with Mediterranean spices

* 3 different kind of FRESH salads
- "Le Cucumber": Fresh salad (cucumber, corn, tomato )
- "Le Provencial": Fresh salad (green pepper, cucumber, corn)
- "Le Couscous": Fresh salad (oriental couscous with corn, tomato, dry raisins…)

* 2 Desserts
- House made Chocolate Cake
- Fruits Salad (orange, apple, grape)

* Soft Drinks, fruit juices & Beers

You can Call us (for more information)

LeParis – Snack Café - will be opened from :
Monday to Friday from 5pm to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday from 2pm to 11pm

LeParis - Antoine
Our website: www.leparis.cn
Antoine Massoud: 137 24 8228 04