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French, Japanese and English teachers wanted !

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Anonymous, 28 Fev 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    AAA Institut supérieur de langues (Language institute of higher education) is an international language institute located in France, Japan and China with a 15 years education and language teaching-related experience. Its Shanghai branch located in Jing'An temple is currently looking for :

    - a French teacher (either Chinese or natives from francophone countries) for a new course. The students aim to study in France and are beginners.

    - a Japanese teacher (either Chinese or native Japanese) for a new course starting soon. The students aim to study in Japan and are beginners.

    - an English teacher (either Chinese or natives from Anglo-saxon countries) for a new course. The students aim to study in anglo-saxon countries. Beginners and Intermediate levels.

    The ideal candidate :
    - between 25 and 35 years-old
    - spent at least 2 years in above mentionned related countries (for chinese candidates) and with a good knowledge of these countries' cultures.
    - speaking chinese is not a must as courses are mostly taught in the target language however the non-chinese candidates who have been living in China for a few years with a good knowledge of chinese culture would be highly appreciated and knowing chinese language can be a plus.
    - TESOL certification for teaching english position.
    - teaching Japanese as a foreign language certifications for teaching japanese position.
    - FLE certification for teaching french position
    - at least 2 years teaching experience
    - patient
    - good pedagogical skills
    - being able to teach by using the target language
    - creative with "actor" skills
    - fairly psychological skills
    - be a good listener
    - mature

    and of course who knows how to smile !!!

    - more information about our language center ? Here is the website : www.aaash.org
    - contract : local
    - salary : according to profile.

    recruitment process : first contact by email, then phone interview if needed, at last one-to-one interview

    Send CV + motivation letter to Jean-Noël (jnl076-fle@yahoo.fr).
  2. ian

    ian Membre Silver

    3 Nov 2006
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    hi, my girlfriend is teacher in france, she wants to come in shanghai, do you still looking for a french teacher???


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