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08 Avr 2006
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Du 19 au 22 juillet, pour les fans de Cosplay et autres bizarreries ;)

China (Guangzhou) Cartoon & Animation International Festival will be held at China Import and Export Fair (Liuhua) Complex from July 19 to 22.

There will be 12 separate zones. The "International Zone" in Zone A, is for the latest Cartoon and Animation products from Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea and Europe.

1. Cosplay Role Playing Contest.
2. China Sweet Lolita Princess Contest.
3. Cosplay Role Playing Show.
4. Exhibition of Prizewinning Works of Golden Dragon Prize.

6. Taiwan Budaixi Show.
7. Cartoon and Animation Drawing Contest.
8. Famous Cartoonists Signing.
9. Karaoke Contest.
10. China Traditional Shadow Playing Show.
11. Photography Contest.

12. Ball Jointed Doll Contest.
13. Electronic Game Challenge Contest.
14. GZ-HK Toys Exhibition.
15. Cartoon Painting Contest.

16. Street Dance Musical Drama
17. Guitar Concert.

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