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08 Mar 2019
Xiu Xiu Ayi qui a travaillé chez moi pour 8 mois, cherche un boulot plein temps (9-11 heures/jour, lundi-vendredi). Elle a gardé notre fils depuis qu'il avait 5 mois, est tres gentille avec lui, et nous etions tres satisfaits d'elle. Nous demenagerons a l'etranger le fin de ce mois-ci, donc si vous cherchez une ayi, n'hésitez pas de la contacter: Xiu Xiu ayi 136 8171 4057 (elle parle chinois). Je suis disponible pour autre info sur notre ayi 13601742171 (en anglais de preference, nous sommes de Pays-Bas).

Sa description complete dessous (en anglais):
(a) working area; French Concession/Jing'An/Changning (currently at the Yanan West Road/Zhenning Road crossing which was perfect for her as she lives close to Hongqiao airport and could very conveniently take busline 71 to our home)
(b) full time hours; 9-11 hours a day, 5 days a week (flexible and always available for working overtime evenings, staying overnight, weekends) - not interested in part-time or live-in
(c) current salary; 7500RMB per month (basis 50 hours/week) +13th month bonus, 35 RMB/hr overtime, we pay her full month salary whenever we are away on holidays and she gets 1-2 weeks holidays around October national week and Chinese New Years for her to go back home to Anhui. We are leaving Shanghai prematurely due to my work and very sad to not being able to take her with us. She's been our reliable rock here allowing us to focus on our daytime job over the past 8 months, knowing in comfort that our son was in safe and loving hands - we could tell this by his happy moods and her genuine laughter and play with him. Xiu Xiu is a seasoned (54 years old today), calm, soft-spoken, caring, smiling, honest, physically Str0ng and healthy, dependable lady with a balanced personality, good manners and common sense who understands her role as a supporting mother figure who is not too assertive and respects her employer's style and principles of running the household. Working for mainly foreign employers with young kids (previously 2 kids at the same time until they turned 3 and 5) for some 15 years in total made her very much appreciate the "laissez-faire" approach to raising kids (as opposed to "helicopter-parenting"). We hardly ever had to correct her or point out (culture clash-related) issues with her which we believe is thanks to her long experience of working with expat families. Primarily a nanny but also organizing our household: cleaning, sorting our stuff, buying groceries off the wet market, laundry, ironing, cooking our simple evening dinners, in addition to taking full care of our baby and taking him out for daily walks/playtime at a nearby children's park which she found at her own initiative and got herself into thanks to her other Ayi friends there- which we were very appreciative of! She speaks mainly Chinese but seems to understand a little few words of French (as taught by the toddlers she used to look after :)). Xiu xiu is a solid support and a pleasure to have around. She will be available as of end March 2018. I am able to share her previous employer's recommendation letter upon request which we found very compelling and consistent with our experience with Xiuxiu also. Please feel free to contact me directly (13601742171) for more information.