Offre Emploi Urgent :offre ingénieur sourcing/achat à tld shanghai

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aurelien rousseau

aurelien rousseau

03 Jan 2017
Dans le cadre de nos projets de Sourcing de notre Département "Supply Chain" nous recherchons un Sourcing Ingénieur rapidement pour prendre parts à nos projet d’approvisionnement, veuillez trouver ci-contre notre offre d’emploi :

Ingénieur sourcing/achat

About Company:

French multinational company, market leader in civil aviation and
manufacturing of ground support equipment (www.tld‐
The company has 2 sites in China, in Shanghai and Wuxi . Both sites
manufacture state of the art ground Support Equipment. Each site is having
modern offices of international standards and is home to 80‐100 employees.
As one of the first wholly foreign owned companies manufacturing GSE in
China, TLD has foot‐print at all Asian airports for more than 25 years.

About this job:
Looking for Senior Sourcing Engineer for a multinational manufacturer of
airport ground support equipment. The ideal candidate has a back‐ground of
industrial engineering or logistic (engineering, Material & Logistics
Management, Sourcing, Purchasing,) and is interested to venture into the
Sourcing project management, with MRP/SOP/ERP System understanding,
optimization field, benchmark, good technical understanding and a Str0ng
skills of negotiation and ability to find new supplier and challenge the current

General Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or above
  • 1-3 years work experience in a similar position
  • Fluent/native Chinese, Good English skills , French is a plus
  • Advanced MS Office skills
  • Basic ERP knowledge
  • Good Analytical skills
  • Good Technical understanding
  • Structured working style, attention to the details
Specific Requirements
Good knowledge of the production process of metal structures and weldings.

Good knowledge of ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems.
ISO 9000质

Inter-Dependency and expected co-operation
The Sourcing Engineer works in close cooperation with the following departments/functions:

  • Purchasing
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • COO

Thank you to send your CV to the following address with your possible starting date , and in cc

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Alpha & Oméga
27 Déc 2013
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Hong Kong et Shanghai
Looking for Senior Sourcing Engineer
  • 1-3 years work experience in a similar position
So 1 to 3 years experience makes you a SENIOR ?
What do you call a guy with 20 or 30 years experience ?

And do you hire your juniors in kindergarten ?

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Alpha & Oméga
13 Mai 2008
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Shanghai, Chine
So 1 to 3 years experience makes you a SENIOR ?
What do you call a guy with 20 or 30 years experience ?

And do you hire your juniors in kindergarten ?

Oui mais un truc vrai, dans ma boite par exemple, beaucoup d'employés demande d'avoir le terme "senior" dans l'intitulé de leur job position après 2-3 ans d'expérience, mais ont sans doute pas avec le salaire qui va avec... ça fait "beau" dans un CV au moins.


Membre Gold
12 Fev 2014
"Senior" c'est pour le skills et "1 year experience" c'est pour le salaire :arf:

Elisabeth Z

Membre Bronze
21 Août 2012
Votre annonce m’intéresse. Ci-joint mon cv .

En vous remerciant par avance de votre retour.


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