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Recommandation Ayi - Pudong Jinqiao

Discussion dans 'Etre Parent a Shanghai' créé par alice2013, 11 Juin 2013.

  1. alice2013

    alice2013 Nouveau Membre

    18 Mar 2013
    Je recommande chaleureusement notre Ayi qui s'est occupée pendant un an de nos 4 enfants (agés de 9 ans 4 ans + notre bébé depuis sa naissance) et de notre maison (ménage, linge, cuisine...)
    Voici plus d'infos sur elle en anglais:

    We are leaving Shanghai and would like to warmly recommend our Ayi.
    She is 25 years old and lives in Tangzhen. She has been working for us during 1 year and we were very satisfied with her work. She is always very punctual. She cleans and tidies the house very consciously, does the laundry and cooks very well (western and French dishes, as we weren’t much into Chinese food…). She is very good with children and I often left her alone with my 4 children age 9, 7, 4 and our baby. She helped me with our newborn baby, and gets on very well with him.
    She is available every day from 12:00, till evening, and can babysit too. She reads pinyin, and speaks quite a few words of English, improving every day as she’s working on it on her spare time.

    I liked her very much because she works very well and helped me a lot, but most of all because she is very honest and always cheerful. I could really trust her. She knows when to help me with the kids and when to get more discreet as well, she is very tactful. We will sure miss her!
    She is available from july, 15[SUP]th[/SUP]. Do not hesitate to call her: 182 1737 7624.

    My number if you need info: 152 0189 1467 (until june, 26[SUP]th[/SUP]), and my email: delacroixalice@yahoo.fr
  2. pemoandr

    pemoandr Membre Bronze

    28 Sept 2011
    Bonjour Alice
    Pensez-vous que votre ayi puisse venir travailler sur Puxi/concession?
  3. Tipoun

    Tipoun Membre Silver

    20 Mai 2013
    Jinqiao - Pudong - SHANGHAI
    pourrais tu nous indiquer les tarifs de ton ayi?
    merci d'avance.

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