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qui connait Zhuhai ?

Discussion dans 'Bienvenue sur BonjourCanton' créé par annisette, 6 Août 2012.

  1. annisette

    annisette Membre Bronze

    24 Fev 2008
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    Qui pourrait me renseigner sur cette ville, ou je vais faire mes études ?
  2. mam721

    mam721 Membre Silver

    28 Fev 2011
    Wuhan 武汉
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    General Introduction
    Zhuhai City
    【General Introduction】
    Located in the southwest of the Pearl River estuary, Zhuhai (meaning "pearl" and "sea") is so named because it is where the Pearl River flows into the South China Sea. Bordering Hong Kong by sea and Macau by land, Zhuhai is 140-kilometer away from Guangzhou. Covering an area of 7,652 square kilometers with 1,415,700 permanent residents, Zhuhai Municipality administers 3 districts and 5 economic zones.
    The earliest human settlement in Zhuhai can be traced back five thousand years ago. Zhuhai is one of the starting points of the Ancient Maritime Silk Road. Wenshun Township, established in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), was the earliest administrative body governing Xiangshan area which included the present Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Macau. Xiangshan Township was formed in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) on account of flourishing salt industry. Xiangshan County, administered by Guangzhou Prefecture, remained through the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Zhuhai County was established in 1953 and was promoted to Zhuhai Municipality in 1979. Special Economic Zone was founded officially in 1980.
    The Zhuhai Declaration issued by the World Economic Development Declaration Conference (WEDDC) was made public in Zhuhai in 2003. Among the World Top 500 Enterprises, over 30 of them have investment projects in Zhuhai. Zhuhai has initially formed an economic pattern featuring leading industries such as electric mechanic manufacturing, electronics and telecommunication equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and computer software along with a coordinated development of modern agriculture, tourism and service industry.
    As a border city, Zhuhai has a total of 8 National Class-I and 7 National Class-II ports of entry. Its Gongbei Port is the second largest landway port of entry in China while Jiuzhou Port is the largest waterway port of entry for passengers. Apart from the advanced Zhuhai International Airport and Zhuhai Port, a major seaport hub in coastal South China, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Guangdong Coastal Expressway and Jiangmen-Zhuhai Expressway also converge in Zhuhai, making it easily accessible.
    【Local Specialty】
    Doumen Double-shelled Crab, Hengqin Oyster, Baiteng Lotus Root, Wanshan Prawn.

    City of a Hundred Islands
    Located on the west bank of the estuary of the Pearl River,Zhuhai covers 7,653 sq km.Four-fifths of the city's area is covered by sea surface.It is truly a coastal city.Zhuhai has 146 islands scattered in the vast expanse of the South China Sea, hence its nickname City of a Hundred Islands.


    Natural geography
    Zhuhai City, set up in 1979,is situated at the southern part of Guangdong Province, P.R. China. It is 140 km away from Guangzhou, stands on the western bank of the Pearl River estuary and is adjacent to South China Sea, borders Hong Kong and Shenzhen to the east by 36 nautical miles and Macao to the south by land. It lies between North Latitude 21ˇ?48' to 22ˇ?27' and East Longitude 113ˇ?03' to 114ˇ?19', The land area covers 1,653 km2 and sea area,6,000 km2, including 146 islands.
    Zhuhai is famous for its hundred-plus islands and one of the first Special Economic Zones in China. Zhuhai has been empowered with the local legislation by the National People's Congress. It governs three administrative districts: Xiangzhou,Doumen and Jinwan and five economic functional zones; Zhuhai National New and High Technology Industrial Development Zone, Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, Wanshan Ocean Development and Exemplary Zone, Hengqin Economy & Technology Development Zone as well as Zhuhai Harbor Industry Zone. By 2002, the city's population totaled 1.23 million, of which, 0.79 million were permanent residents.

    Zhuhai is one of the world’s most romantic cities. Under clear blue skies, clear streams gently flow down its green mountains into a dreamlike sea scape and a cool welcoming breeze. When you enter Zhuhai. You step into a world of beauty and romance,
    Romance is nature’s gift to Zhuhai. Situated south of the Tropic of Cancer, with a sheltered location on the South Climates with glorious sunshine all year long With an annual average temperature of 22.4 degrees and warm tropical rains, Zhuhai is a luxurious garden paradise where colorful flowers bloom all year long.
    The name Zhuhai, means “pearl Sea”, and the modern city of Zhuhai sits at the mouth of the famous Pearl River where river and ocean meet. With a territory of more than 7,660 square kilometers, about 80% of which ocean, Zhuhai boasts 146 islands, many with their own secluded beaches and unspoiled scenery. These islands, like clusters of pearls, stretch out across the delta towards Zhuhuai is neighboring cities of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau, all within easy reach.
    Zhuhai’s interesting past adds greatly to its atmosphere and appeal to visitors. The inscriptions on that people were living in the area more than 5000 years ago. West of Zhuhai. Near the Ya Men River are ancient ruins from the Southern Song Dynasty, more than 1700 years old. Nearby Cuihen Village, to the north in Zhongshan, is the birthplace of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the leader of the democratic revolution in the early 20[SUP]th[/SUP] century, and sometimes known as the “Father of China.” Many other monuments, parks, museums and locations chart the history of the great events and changes of China’s great civilization, ancient and modern, In more recent times, our sister cities, first Hong Kong and then Macau, have witnessed the joyous reunion with the motherland, ending 400 years of separation.
    At the end of the 70’s, as China began opening up to the world, Zhuhai was given the unprecedented opportunity to develop as one of several special economic zones selected for inward in vestment. In just over 20 short years Zhuhai has changed form a poor fishing village to become a prosperous modern garden-city, with a prestigious coastal location. The Pearl River Delta now has one of the strongest regional economics of the world and Zhuhai’s modern facilities and beautiful location make it increasingly attractive to global companies. An increasing number of international residents have chosen to make [​IMG]Zhuhai their home. Part of the attraction of Zhuhai is the unique balance it has achieved between its natural and man-made environment making it an ideal place to live and work, in the eyes of designers and builders, natural harmony must always be protected and cherished, Since the beginning of the 90’s, Zhuhai has received countless awards in recognition of its environmental standards and achievements, These include: Top 40 Cities for Traveling in China, National Garden City, National Model City of Ecological and Environmental Protection, Cleanest City in China, and The Best City for Land Travel in China. In 1999, Zhuhai was honored as “The International Award for Most Improved Living Environment” by the United Nations, Thus through the efforts of city planners and enlightened government, Zhuhai has become internationally famous as one of the “Most Livable Places for People” in the entire world.
    During a recent competition between famous cities, Zhuhai was named “China’s Most Romantic City” by the Chinese media, Walking through Zhuhai, you may wonder if this a city of gardens or a city in a garden, surrounded by the mountains and the sea, you can stroll through its green parks and shady paths past colorful flowerbeds, or choose to inhale the fresh air along well laid out boulevards by the water’s edge, After dining at one of Zhuhai’s famous restaurants or luxurious hotels, you can relax in stylish bars and cafes or dance the night away at one of Zhuhai’s top night clubs, Wherever you go, you are sure to develop a love affair with this charming and energetic city, a feeling that is uniquely Zhuhai, Romance and Zhuhai go together.
    There are many seaside cities in China, but few of them are quite like Zhuhai, which has been entirely designed according to the needs of the people. Everyday, most residents can see the mountains and ocean from their homes.
    The green mountains, the joining of the rivers and oceans and the natural environment make Zhuhai different from other cities. Zhuhai is divided into many independent living areas with all living conditions according to its natural terrain. Because living areas are separated from each other by hills, connected by tree-lined roads, the whole of Zhuhai looks like a bright pearl connected by a green jade belt. Today’s Zhuhai combines flourishing and crowded business areas with peaceful and relaxing living areas. You can enjoy a relaxing and exciting life style at the same time in one city.
    Zhuhai’s natural scenery is full of sunshine, beaches, hot springs, mountains, parks, islands in the sea and relaxation and romance. No matter if you’re playing on the beach, fishing from a boat or watching the sunset, you will feel comfortable and at peace and one with nature.
    The most well known romantic location in Zhuhai is “Lover’s Road" winds it’s way along the coast between the mountains and water, for several kilometers. It has broad pavements and gardens, quiet seating and picnic areas and wonderful views displaying the natural beauty of Zhuhai, It truly captures the romantic atmosphere of this young city. Here you will find couples young and old, strilling together with dreams of the future or enjoying happy memories with their loved ones.
    In the past, Zhuhai was thought of as a backwater area with little or no access to any other cities, All this has changed. Major in vestment and improvements to Zhuhai’s infrastructure such as Zhuhai Airport, Zhuhai Power Station, Ports and the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway has rapidly changed the status of the city into a major regional economic center. Now fully networked with fast and easy access to the rest of the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai has laid the foundations for its development as a high technology and research center for leading multinational companies and an important export base.
    Zhuhai’s population is today over 1.2 million people with many of its highly educated and talented citizens coming from different regions of China, In the past 20 years, locals and new immigrants to the city have worked shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand to build their home together and make it a modern comfortable city in which to live and raise their children. Now, Zhuhai is well known as one of the best cities in China, with a high standard and quality of living and goof working conditions. Zhuhai will continue to provide a comfortable and warm home for everyone who loves the city.
    Zhuhai is becoming increasingly well known as a stage for big events throughout the world. Over 50 million tourists passed through its land border with Macau last year! Through big events, such as the Zhuhai International Air Show attracting tens of thousands of visitors, Formula One car racing at the best racing track in China, film and cultural festivals, sporting events and major conferences and conventions, more and more people are discovering the magic of Zhuhai, gateway to China.

    Culture and Sport
    While developing its economy, Zhuhai has made remarkable achievements in the cultural and sporting fields
    City With a Rich Culture
    Adjacent to Honk Kong and Macao,Zhuhai displays a blend of Oriental and Western cultures.Zhuhai produced a number of renowned patriotic scholars in the modern history of China,such as Rong Hong,the first Chinese to study in the West,Tang Guo'an,the first chancellor of Beijing's Tsinghua University,and Xu Run,the first Chinese to represent Chinese government to the World.
    (1)Chen Fang, the first Chinese consul in Hawaii;
    (2)Rong Hong,the first Chinese to study in the west;
    (3)Tong Tingshu, a pioneer of China's modern development;
    (4)Xu Run,an outstanding industrialist and merchant in contemporary China;
    (5)Tang Guo'an, the first chancellor of Tsinghua University;
    (6)Tang Shaoyi,the first cabinet prime minister of China;
    (7)Su Manshu,a distinguished talent in the contemporary literary world;
    (8)Cai Chang,China's department store tycoon.
  3. mam721

    mam721 Membre Silver

    28 Fev 2011
    Wuhan 武汉
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    Zhuhai,One of the First Special Economic Zones in China
    The former county of Zhuhai Was established in 1953,and was upgraded to a city in 1979.In 1980,it became one of the first special economic zones in China.It has under its jurisdiction three administrative districts,namely,Xiangzhou,Jinwan and Doumen,and five economic development zones,namely,the Zhuhai State-Level New-and Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Zhuhai Free Trade Zone,Zhuhai Harbor Industrial Zone,Hengqin Economic Development Zone and Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone.It had a population of 1,233,500 in 2002.Today,Zhuhai has evolved from small border villages into a rapidly growing beautiful coastal city with modem economic development zones.

    A Celebrity of Zhuhai:Chen Fang

    [​IMG]Zhuhai is a cradle for people of excellence. Born in Meixi Village, Qianshan Town, Zhuhai, Chen Fang led quite a legendary life。 He traveled far across the sea to Honolulu, Hawaii at a young age and later became the first millionaire there.
    Chen Fang was known in business circles as the “Business Giant”. He married a local princess of mixed blood named Julia, who gave birth to 12 daughters & 4 sons. Due to the fact that his children had mixed blood from China, Great Britain & Hawaii, Chen Fang built a luxurious villa on the island combining the art styles from these three countries. From the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century, this villa has been a must for tourists visiting Honolulu. In 1881, Chen Fang was appointed by the Qing Government as China’s first Consul General to Hawaii,ln 1890,Chen Fang sold off his property and returned to his motherland where he built another villa similar to the one in Honolulu.

    The Myth of Zhuhai

    Zhuhai, The Most Romantic City in China, The legend began a long time ago when the Dragon Girl (daughter of the Mythological Dragon King) was so fascinated by Zhuhai’s beautiful scenery that she secretly descended upon the mortal world disguised as a fisher girl. She fell in love with a young local fisherman named Hai Peng. Believing the gossips of the others Hai Peng insisted that the Dragon Girl take off the bracelet, which if removed would cause her death, To show her love for Hai Peng, the Diagon Girl took off her bracelet & died in the arms of her lover, The young man felt great regret and deep sorrow over her death, Moved by the deep love shared by the couple, the Jiuzhou Elder Man helped the fisherman locate a special herb called “teviving Gras” which only grows with the use of one’s blood, With no hesitation, Hai Peng used his own blood to grow the herb, The Dragon Girl came back to life and became a true fisher girl, On the day of their wedding, she found a huge pearl and gave it to the respected Elder Man, Based on this myth, a sculpture named “Zhuhai Fisher Girl” was erected on a rock in the Xianglu Bay, & since then it has become the symbol of Zhuhai, Alongside the sculpture runs a 26-kilometer “Lover’s Road” which winds form Zhuhai-Macau border in the west to Guangzhou-Zhuhai Expressway in the east, Seeing the beach, rocks, swaying trees and blooming flowers, Lover’s Road fills this seaside city with endless love. [​IMG]

    Leisure and Tourism
    Unique natural environment and farsighted urban planning mark the city a great place of leisure and vacation for people from home and abroad.

    Exhibition and Tourism

    Tourism, including sightseeing, confereces and exhibitions, is Zhuhai's leading tertiary industry. Zhuhai is regarded by both Chinese and foreigners as the most romantic city in China. Currently,there are 40,000 people directly engaged in tourism in Zhuhai. The city boasts 42 travel agencies,70 srar-graded hotels, and 20 scenic spots each visited by some 100,000 people annually. It is one of the cities that provides a 144-hour visa for any foreigner entering the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province for a visit.In 2002 Zhuhai received 11,546,700 tourist visits,including 1,299,600 overseas tourists,and the total revenue derived from tourism was RMB 9.127 billion,representing 22% of the city's GDP.

    Major Tourist Attractions

    The New Yuan Ming Palace/Lost City
    Address: Lanpu, Jiuxzhou Avenue,Zhuhai
    Transportation: Bus No. 1, 25,30,60 or the Sightseeing Bus

    Imperial Hot Spring Resort
    Address:Doumen District, Zhuhai
    Transportation: Bus No. 602, 609

    Zhuhai Hot Spring
    Address: Pingsha, Jinwan District, Zhuhai
    Transportation: Bus No. 608

    Soilless Culture Tourism Base
    Address: Agricultural Science Research Center, Meixi, Qianshan
    Transportation: Bus No. 41, of the Sightseing Bus

    The Meixi Royal Stone Archways
    Address: Meixi Village, Shangchong, Zhuhai
    Transportation: Bus No. 41 or the Sightseeing Bus

    Pearl Land
    Address: Tangjia Bay, Zhuhai
    Transportation: Bus No. 3, 10, 68 or the Sightseeing Bus

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