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Procurement manager - shenzhen 采购经理 - 深圳

Discussion dans 'Annonces Emploi à Canton et Stages' créé par GMTASIA, 12 Avr 2012.


    GMTASIA Apprenti

    12 Avr 2012
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    Procurement Manager - Shenzhen


    GMT is a leader in procurement, design and distribution of several lines of products in France.

    Our branch GMT FRANCE (SHENZHEN) is in charge of the Asia Pacific market and develops its own designs in cooperation with reputable suppliers in China and other Asian top grade suppliers. We have some great development perspectives this year and are looking for motivated people to join our Shenzhen teams. We are a foreign managed company.

    We have an open position for a new PROCUREMENT MANAGER.

    This work is suitable both for male or female candidates.

    === Main duties ===

    - Understand, analyze and compile technical specifications for existing or new products (in Chinese or foreign language).
    - Define sourcing and manufacturing strategies in cooperation with Office Manager.
    - Research, collect and record suppliers information efficiently (on internet mostly).
    - Communicate with suppliers and GMT teams to ensure manufacturability of the products and projects.
    - Negotiate order terms, prepare orders, other documents and follow everything until shipment.
    - Perform on-site inspections or negotiations when needed.
    - Create and manage good relations with existing and new suppliers.
    - Prepare and manage procurement reports and sourcing reports.
    - Ensure time and budget targets are met.

    === Mandatory skills / Required qualifications ===

    - Male or female of Chinese nationality with full civic rights and no criminal record between 25 and 30 years old.
    - University graduate with accurate certificates.
    - 2 years of successful work experience in the purchasing field. Recommendation from previous employer will be necessary.
    - Knowledge of international trade basic, terms and processes.
    - Outstanding computer skills, especially Internet use for sourcing, Word and Excel.
    - Excellent level of Mandarin and English languages both spoken and written, certificates required.

    === Preferred additional skills / Qualifications ===

    - Knowledge of French would be an advantage.
    - Knowledge of quality control procedures and standards would be an advantage.

    === Personality / Other requirements ===

    - Dynamic, optimistic and happy person with good presentation.
    - Honest, straightforward with high interest and involvement at work.
    - Friendly and professional mentality with excellent communication skills both in oral (phone and face to face talks) and written forms (emails, formal negotiations). Good at developing guanxi with Chinese partners.
    - Ability to anticipate, think forward, prevent trouble or mistakes to happen.
    - Str0ng personality with Str0ng will to defend our company interests especially when dealing with unexpected situations.
    - Str0ng will to learn, do the work in time, do the work right and adapt working time to business needs.
    - Well organized in your mind and in your work.
    - Willing to work in a small office in a friendly atmosphere with both Chinese and Foreigner colleagues.
    - Able to manage yourself independently, take initiatives and responsibilities when needed.

    === What we offer ===

    We offer you an exceptional key position in a secure and fast growing environment with multiple development opportunities. If you are keen on learning and working on various tasks in an international environment, please apply for this job. It is a challenging opportunity and you will be rewarded appropriately if you succeed in helping our business progress the right way.

    The main work location will be in Luohu, Shenzhen, trips to other places might be needed according to business needs.

    We will provide training and support for your work and make sure you progress and are happy with your work.

    === Work conditions ===

    - You will start working on a short trial period (2 months).
    - After successful trial period, you will be formally employed with a contract by our company on a base salary + bonus basis (to be negotiated with you).
    - Based on quality of your work, your involvement, your remuneration will evolve accordingly.
    - Shenzhen insurance as well as transport, meal and housing allowances will be provided.
    - Working hours will be Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:30 with a 1-hour lunch break. However we need someone who can be very flexible on work hours when needed by business.
    - You will have a 10 day holiday and a 10 day sickness allowance each year in addition to China official holidays and regulations.

    === Application procedure ===

    If you think you qualify for the above offer and are willing to join our teams, please send to us a COMPLETE application including :

    - Your up-to-date resume in ENGLISH in Word or PDF format with PHOTO of you.
    - Your actual address / location and availability.
    - A short cover letter stating why you think your abilities match this offer.
    - You desired remuneration during trial period, after 6 months and after 1 year.

    Please send your COMPLETE application to hr.gmtasia@gmail.com

    采购经理 - 深圳


    我们的分支机构GMT法国(深圳)负责亚太市场,并与中国境内信誉良好的供应商及亚洲其他顶级供应商合作,形成了具有自己特色的设计风格。 今年我们形成了一些大的发展视角,并寻找具有上进心的人员加入我们的深圳团队。 我们属于外资公司。



    === 主要职责 ===

    - 理解、分析及编制现有产品或新产品的技术规范(中文或外语)。
    - 与办公室经理合作,定义采购和生产战略。
    - 高效研究、收集并记录供应商信息(大多数时候是通过互联网)。
    - 与供应商和GMT团队沟通,以确保产品和项目工艺设计的可行性。
    - 商议订单条款,编制订单和其他文件,并遵循一切规定,直至发货。
    - 执行现场检验或谈判(如有需要)。
    - 建立并管理与现有供应商和新供应商之间的良好关系。
    - 编制并管理采购报告。
    - 确保满足时间和预算目标。

    === 必备技能/资格要求 ===

    - 中国国籍,拥有完全民事权利,无犯罪记录,年龄在25岁和30岁之间,男女不限。
    - 携有合格证书的大学毕业生。
    - 在采购领域拥有2年成功的工作经验。 有必要提供先前雇主的推荐书。
    - 对国际贸易基本条款和流程有一定了解。
    - 掌握突出的计算机技能,尤其是能够使用互联网进行采购,并掌握Word和Excel的使用。
    - 优秀的普通话水平和英语水平(包括口语和书面方面),须提供相应证书。

    === 首选额外技能/资质 ===

    - 掌握法语将获优先考虑。
    - 了解质控程序和标准将获优先考虑。

    === 性格/其他要求 ===

    - 充满活力,乐观,快乐且富有表现力。
    - 诚实,直率,兴趣广泛且工作积极性高。
    - 善解人意,职业心理素质强,具备良好的口语(电话和面对面交谈)和书面(电子邮件和正式谈判)沟通技巧。 擅长发展与中国合作伙伴之间的关系。
    - 具备预见并避免麻烦或错误发生的能力。
    - 在保卫公司利益方面具备很强的个性和坚强的意志,尤其是在处理突发事件之时。
    - 具备坚强的意志去学习,及时、正确完成工作,及调整工作时间以满足业务需求。
    - 具备整理好思想和工作的能力。
    - 愿意在一个小的办公室内工作,与中外同事相处和睦。
    - 能够在需要时进行独立的自我管理,采取主动并承担责任。

    === 工作待遇 ===

    在一个充满发展机遇的稳步、快速成长的环境中,我们为您提供一个异常关键的工作岗位。 如果您热衷于学习并致力于国际环境内的各项任务,那么请申请这一工作岗位吧。 这是一个具有挑战性的工作机会,若您成功促进业务朝正确的方向发展,那么我们将给予相应报酬。



    === 工作条件 ===

    - 您在短期试用期(2个月)即着手开展工作。
    - 试用期过后,本公司将与您签订一份合同,正式雇佣您为本公司的员工,待遇为基本工资+奖金(具体待遇面谈)。
    - 基于您的工作质量和参与度,本公司将相应调整您的报酬。
    - 本公司将提供深圳市保险,以及交通补贴、餐补和住房补贴。
    - 工作时间为周一至周五上午9:30至下午18:30,扣除1小时的午休时间。 然而,依据业务需求,我们需要可灵活安排工作时间的人才。
    - 除中国法定节假日和规定外,您将额外获得10天的年假和每年10天的疾病津贴。

    === 申请程序 ===


    - 您的最新英文简历(Word或PDF格式),并附上您的照片。
    - 您的真实地址/位置及可达性。
    - 一份自荐信,说明您认为您的能力符合这一工作岗位的要求。
    - 您对试用期、6个月后及1年后的期望报酬。



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