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Offre Stage ONG Shanghai Young Bakers - Responsable Partenariats (stage 6 mois)

Discussion dans 'Stage & Emploi en Chine [Annonces]' créé par Shanghai Young Bakers, 4 Juil 2014.

  1. Shanghai Young Bakers

    Shanghai Young Bakers Membre Bronze

    3 Nov 2011
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    Nous cherchons un stagiaire pour suivre et animer les relations avec nos sponsors et partenaires. Tres bonne opportunite de mieux comprendre les strategies d'entreprise en matiere de communication et RSE (responsabilite sociale des entreprises) et de se creer un large reseau au sein de diverses societes francaises et etrangeres a Shanghai!
    Pour postuler, merci d'ecrire a hr@shanghaiyoungbakers.com.

    The program – Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB)

    Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) is a charity program providing a fully-sponsored training in traditional French bakery to underprivileged Chinese youth aged 17 to 23, enabling them to find qualified jobs and lead independent lives after graduation.

    Launched in February 2009, sponsored by Carrefour Foundation, Accor Foundation and Lesaffre, SYB’s one-year training combines intensive classes in both French and Chinese bakery, with practical internships at 4&5-star hotels. After completing the program, the 30 students can then obtain employment opportunities in bakeries or hotels in Shanghai and all across China.

    In order to increase its financial stability, SYB is moving towards a social enterprise model, and offers half-day bakery classes and bread & pastry catering to individuals and companies wishing to contribute to the success and sustainability of the program.

    SYB is managed by a small but dynamic French-Chinese team, and operates under the governance of Chi Heng Foundation.

    Website: www.shanghaiyoungbakers.com.

    Weibo: weibo.com/shanghaiyoungbakers

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/shyoungbakers

    Weixin: ShanghaiYoungBakers海上青焙坊


    Internship Position – Partnerships Manager

    Shanghai Young Bakers relies on a network of sponsors and partners to operate its program. These include financial sponsors, hotel internship partners, in-kind donors, pro-bono service providers, as well as NGOs, schools and institutions who help ensure the quality of the program.

    On the long-term, SYB strives to increase its financial autonomy through a social enterprise model. Since 2011, SYB has developed meaningful commercial activities (bakery/pastry classes, social teambuilding bakery activities, catering, consulting) to help cover the educational costs of the charity program and boost the image of the SYB training.

    The Partnerships Manager intern will be in charge of building and managing innovative and long-lasting relationships with new and current partners, under the guidance of the SYB program manager and in close relationship with the Communication Manager and the Marketing Coordinator.

    Time commitment: at least 30 hours/week, from July/Aug 2014 onwards for 6-7 months

    Main responsibilities:

    1. Follow up on ongoing partnerships
    · Act as the main contact point for correspondence with current partners, coordinate partners’ requests and provide regular feedback

    · Design appropriate corporate CSR plan for the partner (which may include branding & communication work, staff volunteer activities, commercial services…) and implement related promotion and activities accordingly

    · Work with the Communication manager to provide adequate communication material

    · Actively participate in sponsorship renewal and negotiations; prepare related documents and proposals

    1. Lead the search for new financial partners
    · Research possible financial sponsors (corporate and institutional foundations, multinational companies, organizations, in China and abroad…).

    · Understand potential donors’ motivation and requirements, design appropriate partnership proposal accordingly, ensure follow-up

    · Represent SYB and introduce partnership opportunities at meetings and events

    1. Develop and organize commercial services for companies and groups
    · Promote commercial activities for companies and groups: social teambuilding bakery classes for corporate staff, bread & pastry catering, consulting services…

    · Follow up on each relationship, monitor feedback and ensure execution of service together with the SYB team

    1. Monitor and develop hotel partnerships
    · Manage relationship with current hotel partners (who provide practical internships to the SYB students)

    · Lead the search for new hotel partners (visit the hotels and review their bakery/pastry departments with the SYB trainers, present the cooperation terms, follow up to arrange signature)

    Position requirements:

    • Dedication to work in a growing international non-profit organization, interest in social issues and learning more about NGO operations in a Chinese environment
    • Keen to gain experience in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Communication across various types of companies
    • Fluent in English and French. Knowledge of Chinese will be an advantage.
    • Str0ng communication and interpersonal skills, able to listen and present
    • Good organizational skills, responsive
    • Enjoy working both within a team and independently
    • Ability / skills in leading and managing volunteers appreciated

    Internship conditions:

    • Report to French program manager with good understanding of Chinese practices and NGOs/social enterprises in China
    • Work closely with Chinese staff and volunteers from different nationalities and backgrounds
    • Transportation and phone reimbursement allowance. As a charity project with limited resources, SYB is unfortunately unable to provide further financial compensation.
    • Dependant on intern’s level of dedication and success in raising funds, s/he may, upon completion of the internship, receive an end-of-assignment bonus.

    Contact us:

    If interested, please send us your application by email on hr@shanghaiyoungbakers.com.

    Please indicate your motivation, availability, relevant experience and include a CV. Thank you!
  2. larome in nanjing

    11 Juil 2014
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    a soutenir absolument
    à la cérémonie de la remise de diplômes le 21 juillet.

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