[Officiel] : Nombreuses modifications autour des travailleurs étrangers


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17 Juil 2010
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Further Updates on the Implementation of New Exit / Entry Policies for Foreign Passport Holders on Permanent Residence and Residence Visa effective from 1 July 2015

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau (PSB) recently released further details regarding the implementation of new Exit / Entry policies for foreign passport holders on Permanent Residence and Residence Visas.

The changes affect the following categories:

(a) High level foreign talent or senior experts are able to apply for a 5-year Residence License or Permanent Residence / “Green Card”.

(b) Foreign nationals who have worked for employers in 7 types of industries for 4 consecutive years are able to apply for the Permanent Residence / “Green Card”

(c) Foreign employee who consecutively work in Shanghai with 2 years of Residence License is able to apply for a maximum 5-year Residence License

(d) Foreign graduate student is able to apply for maximum 2-year Residence License if his/her application is under innovative entrepreneurship

(e) Foreign nationals who intend to establish innovation enterprise in Shanghai is able to apply for a maximum 1-year Residence License

(f) The requirement for Taiwan nationals to obtain Domestic / Residence Endorsement to enter and exit China is no longer required. Taiwan nationals can enter China with their usual valid TaiBaoZheng.

(g) Issuing Residence License to qualified domestic servant/housekeeper