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Looking for language partners as well as friends^^

Discussion dans 'Cours de chinois à Shanghai' créé par littlevampire, 16 Jan 2011.

  1. littlevampire

    littlevampire Membre Bronze

    15 Jan 2011
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    Bonjour everyone,
    Je m'appelle Viviane, j'ai 23 ans. im a newbie here.
    also i just started to learn French recently. then i figured out that i really love this language.
    thx to my bf, i get to know this website. actually i think it's a quite good website, which binding french ppl living in China together.
    i have been teaching mandarin to foreign students for a while. so if you want to learn chinese or you are interested in it, we can be language partners.
    we could spend time together, teaching each other or learning from each other. sounds good, right? and most of all, it's free.
    or maybe in the future, we could be good friends. so if you are french, no matter boy or girl, and you wanna learn mandarin at spare time.just contact me.
    if you have any question about Shanghai or China, id love to help too.

    here is my email address:

    wish the best of all of you!


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