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L'étau se reserre ou pas ..... ?

Discussion dans 'Loi en Chine' créé par Kakiek, 4 Novembre 2012.

  1. Kakiek

    Kakiek Membre Silver

    3 Décembre 2010
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    China moves toward registering citizens'fingerprints

    GOV.cn Saturday, November 3, 2012

    Chinese police have moved a step closer tolaunching a system to register citizens' fingerprints in 2013, it was reportedon Saturday.
    The Ministry of Public Security on Thursdaystarted to invite fingerprint reader manufacturers to bid for a list of recommendedequipment to be used in the upcoming collection, said a report in the BeijingYouth Daily.
    According to a notice from the ministry, thesemanufacturers should be registered in China and have to be Chinese-owned or-controlled enterprises.
    The ministry did not specify a closing date forthe invitation, but promised to announce the date later in 2013.
    On Oct. 29, 2011, China adopted an amendment toits Resident Identity Card Law to require citizens' fingerprints to berecorded, a move expected to be helpful in identifying people in a faster andmore precise manner and effectively curb the counterfeiting and altering of IDcards.
    The new policy will be enforced from Jan. 1,2013, when the country's first version of ID cards, launched in 1985, will alsoexpire, according to a statement issued in May by the Ministry.

    In 2004, the country introduced thesecond-version card. By 2010, 1.04 billion people, or 77.6 percent of China'spopulation, had received the second version.
    According to the statement, citizens applying forID cards for the first time as well as those applying for replacement cardswill be required to have their fingerprints recorded.
    Those still holding valid second-version ID cardscan register their fingerprints on a voluntary basis, said the statement.

    It also specified that fingerprint-collectingexpenses would be included into public finance budgets, while ID applicationfees would remain unchanged.

    Editor: BiMingxin
    Source: Xinhua

  2. 何昂湍

    何昂湍 Demi-dieu

    10 Janvier 2007
    Binzhou - Qingdao, Shandong
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    La mesure concerne les ressortissants chinois, mais t’inquiète que pour les étrangers ils n'ont pas besoin de nos empreintes digitales pour nous ficher numériquement, ils ont mieux :
    les Bao an et les A yi analogiques!
  3. Dejiyao

    Dejiyao Ange

    13 Janvier 2007
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    Ça, ou bien l'ADN via les examens médicaux obligatoires pour avoir un visa ici ^^

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