Les laowai les plus honteux de l’annee

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02 Juil 2013
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Shanghaiist a sorti son top 10 des laowai les plus honteux de 2018. À mon avis, le numéro 7 aurait du être numéro 1 :

Shanghaiist’s top 10 most shameful laowai of 2018
Did you make the cut?
by Alex Linder

December 30, 2018

10) Turkish contestant uses two lifelines on the question: “Where is the Great Wall of China?”
Her four choices were: China, India, South Korea, and Japan.
7) New UK foreign secretary accidentally calls his Chinese wife ‘Japanese’ during visit to Beijing

After confusing his own wife’s ethnicity, Jeremy Hunt went on to boast about his familial connections to China, apparently still hoping to curry some favor from the Chinese government.
6) Rapper Lil Pump blasted by Chinese netizens for new video where he makes “squinty eyes”

“Smokin’ on dope, they call me Yao Ming cause my eyes real low,” the 18-year-old rapped in an Instagram teaser video before adding “ching chong” and pulling his eyelids back. He later apologized, noting, “I got Asian homies, you know.”
4) Chinese side wants Delaware man ‘severely punished’ for stealing Terracotta warrior’s thumb

The 24-year-old man managed to steal the ancient statue’s digit during an after-hours “ugly sweater party” at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute. At the time, the door to the Terracotta Warriors exhibit was open, guarded only by a black rope held up by two stanchions.
3) Drunken laowai brawl breaks out at Shenzhen McDonald’s
The truly epic fight came to end with one of the foreigners making peace by telling everyone: “I have chicken!
2) Foreign ‘pick-up artists’ arrive in Taiwan to harass, exploit unsuspecting women for their videos

Back in June, “Explorer Nick” and his “pick-up artist” buddy David Bond created a stir in Taiwan where a number of women accused the pair of filming them without their knowledge and consent, editing the footage out of context, and featuring them in videos with titles like “Taiwan Girls Easy.”
Nick later issued an apology after purportedly receiving threats that Taipei’s criminal underworld was after him and wanted to cut off his cock. However, the very next day, he took back the apology, claiming that he had concocted the whole drama in order to drum up media attention for his videos. He then moved on to Hong Kong.
1) Woman says she recognizes her former English teacher in China on US Marshals’ most wanted list

Of course, “shameful” hardly begins to describe a man who sexually assaulted a 9-year-old girl and murdered his own wife. After 13 years on run, Daniel William Hiers, a former South Carolina police officer, was arrested in Shanghai in September after a Chinese woman saw a list of the US Marshals Service’s 15 most wanted and recognized her former English teacher.
Source : https://shanghai.ist/2018/12/30/shanghaiists-top-10-most-shameful-laowai-of-2018/


05 Août 2010
y a pas ça en france ?
"les étrangers les plus honteux de l'année"


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16 Avr 2015
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y a pas ça en france ?
"les étrangers les plus honteux de l'année"
ben non, sinon tu es traité de raciste, fasciste voir de nazi tout en étant complotiste o_Oo_O
Breizh In China

Breizh In China

Alpha & Oméga
05 Nov 2009
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Xuijiahui Shanghai
ben non, sinon tu es traité de raciste, fasciste voir de nazi tout en étant complotiste o_Oo_O
Nan, on dira juste que t’es un peu limité intellectuellement, surtout si comme dans l’article du PO la plupart des faits ne se passe pas dans le pays.


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12 Déc 2007
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Suzhou Tiger Hill
Le N°1 est vraiment con d'aller enseigner l'anglais aux chinois pour qu'ils soient ensuite capable de lire les infos sur le site de la police américaine :)
et le gars n'a pas dû montrer son criminal record ?


02 Jan 2013
Breizh France
Ça devrait pas être. Difficile de faire la même chose pour les Chinois ..... vu que la proportion de con, de crétin ou de pas de bol dans une population est la même autour du globe ..... avec 1 milliard 300 millions de candidat on devrait trouver facilement 10 cas exemplaires...