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don't go to mac shanghai services in xujiahui

Discussion dans 'Informatique et Nouvelles technologies en Chine' créé par nariman12000, 26 Mai 2009.

  1. nariman12000

    nariman12000 Membre Bronze

    30 Oct 2007
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    hi there
    this is my very bad experience
    yesterday I went to this center to change my iphone screen as it was damaged
    the guy said he could replace it with a second hand screen for 400 RMB so I accepted
    I had a meeting with a customer so I left as it told me it would take a little time
    when I came back the screen was replaced but the iphone was disabled as the guy tried a password to access to the menu
    I really don't understand why he tried a password as he didn't know my password moreover several times this so stupid and the worse is that the iphone was precising it would be possible to try again a new password in almost 50 000 minutes it was delirious !!! he told me I should have left my password but obviously I would have given this damn password to him if only he asked for it but he didn't so how could I guess he would need to check my menu for a screen repair ??? and he kept on repeating it was my fault he drove me crazy and I told him it was his fault and only his fault because I told him I would be back very soon so he should have wait for me instead of trying different password (as if he could have known my password goshhhh)
    as I had another meeting in the afternoon my friend and I couldn't wait we decided then to leave the iphone to him and to come back later
    I asked the guy if it was possible to come back at 6 oclock and he said yes he would be there but when I went back (for the 3rd time of the day) at 6 all the shops where closed and I couldn't find him so I went back home and came back today in the afternoon
    I found the guy he explained that he was waiting for me at the entrance which obviously wasnt true as I didnt see him but the worse is that he coulndt repair my iphone and the phone was still disabled so he announced me that the only way to repair it was to jailbreak it and then unlock it
    I said no because I was going to lose all my contacts numbers and very important messages and notes
    he told me it was the only choice and said don't worry you will get all the informations on your iphone from your itunes
    I explained to him that it wasn't possible because I am not using itunes since I broke my ex laptop few months ago I also told I don't care about musics and videos only my numbers and messages where very important
    by the way he took of the second hand screen and put back the old broken screen (very badly because there is a space that had never been before between the screen and the back)
    anyway I asked him to repair also the screen which I think he should have make it for free as he made a big mistake but I was going to negotiate with him and at this point he said I was dishonest and said to me fuck I told him he made the mistake not me and guess what he gave me back the phone which was still disabled for almost 50000 minutes and said now you can call the police if you want !!!! this guy is crazy ! the worse is that he knew I dont speak very well chinese and that I wouldnt be able to explain properly the issue to the policemen but he didnt care !!!! believe me I had to cry then he finally accepted to jailbreak it and unlock (of course he wanted me to pay for this also at first) then few hours later my phone was unlocked but I lost all the important stuffs I saved (notes, numbers, sms etc.)
    imaging my feelings at this moment and the only thing he told me was "are you angry" and my friend answered to him "how could you ask this question you know the answer" and he said "don't worry your friends will call you and you will save their numbers again" he really made fun of me and didn't care about the big and stupid mistake he made
    then I told him that my friend and I alsmost lost 2 days of work for this (it should be a 40 minutes operation) he replied to us " so what do you also want me to pay you more?" don't know what's going on in his head but he is surely not representing chinese people cause I have never met such a mean person since I have been living here (almost a year now)
    when he finally unlock it he said "here is your iphone and it's free for you !!!" as if I should also pay for his stupidness !!!!
    so I decided also to write my experience and to all people DONT GO THERE this is the best advice I can give you !!!!
  2. choko

    choko Membre Silver

    17 Juil 2007
    +23 / -0
    salut pourquoi t'ecris en anglais et pas en francais ?
  3. Zovitch

    Zovitch Membre Gold

    2 Avr 2008
    +0 / -0
    Oui c'est aussi la question que je me suis posée... Tu es alle ou exactement ? Je connais le 16e etage du grand building sur Caoxi lu (j'ai zappe le nom) j y suis alle faire reparer mon ipod (connecteru jack a changer) et meme s il a fait ca rapidement ce bougre n a rien trouver mieux que de reinitialiser mon ipod (et donc formater), ipod qui me servait de disque dur externe avec pas mal de sauvegarde de puis pas mal de temps...

    Enfin bref ce detail a part je les avais trouve tres competents et rapide, bien moins cher que le sav en france et meme moins cher que d acheter les pieces detachees sur ifixit.com

    Note pour plus tard: bien sauvegarder le contenu de ces ipod / iphone avant de les faire reparer...

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