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Contact Improvisation Workshop with Daniel Mang Sat 15 June, Shanghai, China

Discussion dans 'Shanghai Sortir' créé par aurelenchine, 28 Mai 2013.

  1. aurelenchine

    aurelenchine Apprenti

    2 Avr 2011
    This workshop aims to provide some basic contact improvisation vocabulary: how to share weight; follow a rolling point of contact; give all one's weight to someone else; make yourself light; modulate your weight; lift someone up; get used to being upside down; offer a plateau; connect to one's center; use momentum; extend into falling; have your landing gear ready...
    These skills can only be acquired by retraining our reactions, by releasing excess tension and attending to sensation. This is the foundation of the work. Contact improvisation requires and develops the ability to fluidly adapt the tonus of our body. A part of you that needs to be stable and grounded at one moment, to support the weight of another, may, a split second later, need to become very light and mobile.

    The key to getting better at this is exercising one's capacity to sense what is going on inside the body and its position in space. For example by doing nothing, just sensing how gravity acts on you... Moving very slowly we can learn to distinguish ever finer nuances of tonus in the body. Time spent enjoying the sensation of pouring weight from one part of the body into another, and into the ground, is time well spent...

    To be able to move very fast and with ease in contact improvisation at some point, to enjoy lightness and precision, we need to first retrain our reactions. To be able to deal with situations that change faster than the conscious mind can track, while falling, flying, upside down... safely and with pleasure, we have to get rid of motor patterns of contraction related to fear; deconstruct habits of holding on instead of spreading out, of grabbing on instead of letting go...
    These kinds of changes happen when the body mind is in a very particular, awake and relaxed state, that for lack of a better word we'll call release. So this is what we'll be looking for...

    About the teacher:
    Contact improvisation has been my primary movement practice since 1986. I also practice aikido and am strongly influenced by the Feldenkrais method, Body Mind Centering and ideokinesis. My teaching is informed by my background as a professional bodyworker/physiotherapist, my studies in osteopathy, my experience with communication tools such as co-counseling, and by my politics.
    I have been teaching the form since 1990,at first mostly in Berlin, from 2005 on primarily in the South West of France, but also in Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the UK. I was one of the organisers of the "European Contact Improvisation TeachersExchange" (ECITE) in Potsdam in 1999 and participated in ECITEs in Denmark, theNetherlands, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland and Spain. Since my move to the UK in 2011 I have been teaching mainly in London, but also in many other European cities.
    On my first world tour (November 2012 March 2013) I taught in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia and Australia. This visit to Shanghai in June 2013 is my first visit to China.
    Daniel Mang
    Schedule:Saturday 10:00 - 1[FONT=宋体]7:00
    [/FONT]Fee:RMB [FONT=宋体]300 [/FONT]20% discount if you pay before 10June
    Venue:[FONT=宋体]Haiyi Garden, 111 Song Lin Road, Pudong[/FONT]Located near the Century Avenue metro station
    Maximum number of participants:30
    To register:Contact Marine Zhao at zdmworking@hotmail.com or at +86 13041687002Office address: No 13 Yuqing Road, Shanghai
    For questions about the teaching:Contact Daniel Mang at danielmang@gmail.comwww.danielmang.com

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  2. aurelenchine

    aurelenchine Apprenti

    2 Avr 2011
  3. Justineshanghai

    Justineshanghai Nouveau Membre

    30 Mai 2013
    Bonjour Aurelen, Thanks for your information. Are you an organizer of this workshop? or just willing to join this workshop? I think i will join this workshop as well. It seems a very good activity. I love it. Hmmm Its also good deal. If its in Europe, it would very expensive. Now I got 20% off by calling Marine.


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