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Offre Stage Business Developer Intern HK

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Hong Kong & Stages' créé par French & Fresh, 10 Juin 2016.

  1. French & Fresh

    French & Fresh Nouveau Membre

    7 Juin 2016
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    French & Fresh

    FreNsh is a catering company specialized in crafting homemade, organic and french cuisine into practical and value for money Meal Trays. Healthy and efficient, we aim at bringing upper quality and real customer satisfaction to our foodies or corporate clients. We deliver to office workers all over Hong-Kong Island and to the ICC Building.

    Further informations about us :

    Job Description

    The position offered is an internship from 2 or 6 months, the candidate will be involved in all the canvazing and communications activities of the company such as :
    - Contacting suppliers
    - Developing marketing actions
    - Animating Social Medias (Facebook, Instagram)
    - Developing the customer database

    Please send your resume and cover email to hr@frensh.hk and feel free to contact us at contact@frensh.hk if you need further informations !
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