Barcamp 2014 Shanghai - Récap (en anglais)


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Barcamp Shanghai 2014 – Entrepreneurship event review

I decided to start this beautiful day by a stop at the Barcamp (for more info about Barcamp and Techyizu, click here) event that took place at The Nest.

What was interesting at first glance was the mix of technology and psychological subjects during this event. Is it because tech guys are well known to be introverted people? Probably.

I attended 2 of the conferences. As I am not a tech guy, the Long Drupal conference was definitely not in my target. But I am quite interested in psychology and I decided to head to the one called “how to get rich strategically” by Adrian Cahill and the one called “how to be outrageously bold” by Aaron. I already met those two guys during one of the Lien retiré (see my review Lien retiré).

« How to get Rich Strategically» – Adrian cahill

What a catchy headline, right? Do not take this the wrong way, he didn’t tell us about any secret process to make money. However, he shared his assumptions about what really means “being rich”. The word rich can take various meaning from a person to another. Being rich means getting better at what you love doing for living.

For example, Edison tried more than 10,000 times before succeeding; Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC) got rejected 1009 times before he decided to create his empire.

Being passionate and give your best at what you love is great but be smart, learn feedback from your mistakes. Spielberg only tried 3 times to enter the University of Southern California before he switched his goal career and found out that it was better for him to become a director.

To understand what you aim for, you need to understand where your strengths are. For that, Adrian told us that two things matter: Extrovert vs Introvert and Intuitive vs Sensory.

Are you extroverted? (i.e: Oprah Winfrey) You like being surrounded of people, have many friends but not really deep relationships.


Are you Introverted (i.e: Warren Buffet) You are good with the system, you have less friend but deepest relationships.

Are you Intuitive? Do you always anticipate the future?

OR (jobs balanced)

Are you Sensory? Are you constantly physically and emotionally in the present?

Understand what your strengths are and exploit them!

His last recommendation: read Tim Ferris.

How to be outrageously bold - Aaron

With Aaron, it was not about theory and philosophy but about practice.

In 30 minutes and through his game called “Dare” (a derived game of “truth or dare”) he succeeded to capture the attention of everybody in the room. The purpose of the game was to write down an action and then give it to a perfect stranger to do it. (A couple of people left when they heard that, too intimidated to do something stupid in front of perfect strangers).

I decided to be a bit mean to the Chinese girl I was going to give my dare to and I wrote down “imitate a chicken” and gonfle it to her with a demoniac smile already imagining the scene. However … when everybody exchanged their dares, Aaron told us that the one who wrote the dare was actually the one who was going to do it. I felt a bit frustrated at this point, being caught at my own game!

Here is the interesting part: Aaron told us to stand up and follow his moves and it would help us to be emotionally and psychologically ready. We slightly glide on our left where he had to imagine ourselves acting our dares and the way we will feel.

Then we had to slightly glide on our right where we had to imagine our heroes encouraging us in order to feel confident. What was interesting here was to feel the shift of emotions: from ridiculous to proud of being ridiculous. As soon as everybody started to feel invincible and confident we ran out of the room to act our dares. I let you imagine how people reacted when they saw a perfect stranger imitating a chicken and other crazy folks acting weird.

I believe what Aaron tried to teach his audience is that it is easy to try and actually do what we want to do. Many people have great business ideas but they stop at this point they do not really try to get them out of the ground! Go for it, try, make fool of yourselves. What only matters is that you believe in your ideas.

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On dirait le baratin de Johnny Wu dans le film " pain and gain "