A good adress in Lhasa


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28 Jan 2008
Dear travellers,
If I could give you a good adress when you are visiting Lhasa, it would be without any hesitation the Happy café!

There you can find french, italian, thai meals as well as all sorts of drinks (coffee, tea, wine, beers, coctels, milk shake, capucino,..)
The owner is a very friendly French man who is living in Lhasa for 3 years, and you will be served by two tibetan girls.
It is not only a place to drink and to eat, but a real place to meet people, to plan your visits in Tibet, and to sit back in a nice place.

It is located in Sela lu. If you want more information, you can visit the website:
Lien retiré

Enjoy your stay in Lhasa and don't hesitate to take a turn in Happy café, I have tried it for you! :top: