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World Music Night at OnStage

Discussion dans 'Soirées à Shanghai' créé par rethic2, 27 Sept 2016.

  1. rethic2

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    20 Mar 2008
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    Bonjour a tous

    SoundScape Crew, the Shanghai based world music band is happy to invite you to a world music night, an "off" event within the frame of the 2016 Shanghai World Music Festival.

    This year we are happy to share the stage with Enola, a world music friends band from France, very dear to our heart, suggested by SoundScape and invited by World Music Shanghai!

    Renaud (SoundScape) and Guyom (Enola) shared in the past 2 bands together. this gig is the promise of a nice reunion!

    When? Saturday October 8th
    Where? OnStage, A2-101, 570 West Huaihai road, RedTown, Metro Hongqiao, L10, 3, 4
    Fees: 80RMB


    About Enola:
    Enola is composed of 3 musicians: Kalima Iafis Koh, Luc Girardeau, Guyom Dupuy.

    - Kalima Iafis Koh: Hearing Kalima singing is an experience of communication with supernatural. She sings in her first langage, the Dhyhaat from south Egypt, to express all the feelings about living, loving, being. She can take you from fear to tears, from fire to air, using both improvisation and melodies.
    - Luc Girardeau: He is Chemirani's student as a Tombak player. Playing with Luc is like driving a car with GPS, you will never get lost. He is the ground on which you can safely walk. His tranquility and insurance are communicative to all the musicians and to the audience. He is a very good soloist and you can lost yourself looking at is finger in action, rapidity and precision are the words. You will discover the sensitivity of percussion, speaking directly to your heart.
    - Guillaume Dupuy: He is looking for the right place of the sound, in the air, on stage, in the audience, everywhere, every time. This unusual musician is making the sound a physical material. He first was a drummer, so his sense of rhythm is Str0ng and deep.
    With the didgeridoo and the Khaen, he plays rhythm with his breath, inviting the audience to breath with him. His harmonics and basses are reputed to change the nature of the space around you, and inside you. He as a Str0ng experience of stage and as an ex-dancer the music move in his body.

    About SoundScape:
    SoundScape is a group bound together by passion for ethnic music, created in Shanghai in 2009.
    Truly international mix of musicians with earthy, tender, sweet yet full of energy sound. SoundScape is an organic musical masala where east meets the rest.
    Organic sound of ethnic instruments is a great medium for expressing emotions in a raw unpolished form and SoundScape does just that. The earthy telluric sound of Didjeridoo mixes with hypnotic mood of Harmonium, Tibetan and Indian Vocals and Flutes add flowing melodious lines. All that accompanied by dynamic percussions makes SoundScape's performance a great experience.
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    17 Juil 2010
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    80yuan y a un drink offfert?

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