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World music night: Amazigh Kateb (Gnawa Diffusion) + German Diaz + SoundScape

Discussion dans 'Musique à Shanghai' créé par rethic2, 30 Sept 2015.

  1. rethic2

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    20 Mar 2008
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    Salut a tous,

    SoundScape, groupe de World Music qui a deja 5 ans a Shanghai, a le grand plaisir d'accueillir nos amis venus de France et d'Espagne dans le cadre du Shanghai World Music Festival 2015 qui a lieu en Octobre.

    Nous avons le plaisir de recevoir Amazigh Kateb (Fandateur et leader de Gnawa Diffusion) et son trio ainsi que German Diaz avec lui aussi son Trio.

    Venez vous voir le 6 Octobre a OnStage pour une soiree 100% World Music.

    About Amazigh Kateb Trio:
    Amazigh Kateb, singer and leader of Gnawa Diffusion, launches a new project in trio this time, with Karim Ziad (Drummer) and Ptit Moh (mandolin/Oud). They all three are originated from Algeria and have experienced the same will to share their passion for rhythms and musics from Maghreb.
    The project articulates around Amazigh Kateb's music, marrying songs from his personal repertoire with both Karim Ziad's musical and poly-rhythmical universe and Ptit Moh's touching sounds and melodies.

    About German Diaz:
    German Diaz is a world famous master musician, genius composer and stage performer, who combine academic and craftsmanship styles.
    The hurdy-gurdy is generally thought to have originated sometime before the eleventh century A.D. Owing to its incompatibility with European Classical Music; it has once been relegated to the streets.
    In the past two decades, German has constructed an interesting independent kingdom of feelings. The instrument hurdy-gurdy has acted as the main role; there are all kinds of "toys" on the stage, like Reel, Gear, Radial, Music Box, Antique Harmonica, Loop Sampler and Vinyl Record in 1940.
    The performances of German Diaz Trio include Wind Instruments like Oboe and English horn. In the past two decades, German has often performed in many famous Concert Halls and Music Festivals. In 2009, his album 'the popular song in civil war' won two awards -- Jazz Writings Magazine Silver Award and Jazz in Tokyo Best Album. Due to the innovative development of the ancient instrument, German is reputed as “James Hendrix in the hurdy-gurdy world”.

    About SoundScape:
    SoundScape is a group bound together by passion for ethnic music, created in Shanghai in 2009. A truly international mix of musicians with down-to-earth, tender, sweet yet energetic sound. SoundScape is an organic musical masala where east meets the rest. Organic sound of ethnic instruments is a great medium for expressing emotions in a raw unpolished form and SoundScape does just that. The earthy telluric sound of Didjeridoo mixed with hypnotic mood of Harmonium, Tibetan and Indian Vocals and Flutes add flowing melodious lines. All that accompanied by dynamic percussions makes SoundScape's performance a great experience for the audiences.

    When? Tuesday October 6th 2015, 8pm to late
    Where? OnStage, A2-101, Red Town, 570 Huaihai West road, Shanghai
    Tickets: 120Rmb

  2. massy

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    6 Fev 2012
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    Merci pour l'info ! Wahoo

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