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Weekend randonnées & camping

Discussion dans 'Shanghai Sortir' créé par Ayoub Benz, 18 Mai 2013.

  1. Ayoub Benz

    Ayoub Benz Nouveau Membre

    18 Mai 2013
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    Salut à tous les Hiking Lovers,

    On organise un trip pour le weekend du 24 Mai, départ de Shanghai. Vous trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires ci-dessous.

    Pour plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

    (+86) 13002193310
    QQ : 2271833478
    Skype : benzaghloula

    Hiking trip to Anhui Wuyue Ancient Path(Wu Yue Gu Dao) and West Zhejiang Tianchi(Zhe Xi Tian Chi).
    The total length of Wu Yue Ancient Path is about 35 KM. It’s the main channel of Wu Yue (Zhejiang) and Southern Tang Dynasty (Anhui) in the five dynasties and ten states period. It’s like hiking in a picture while you walking ups and downs along the ancient steps with streams accompany, waterfalls played, winding path leading to a secluded spot. It’s about 2-3 hours to reach the Thousands Hectares Pass which is made of two pieces of big and smooth granite structure. This natural shek mun is nearly 4m high and 3m thick. Its width can be two people in parallel. It shows “One man can hold out against ten thousand”. Then go ahead about 400m, we will reach the “First Pool of River South” --- West Zhejiang Tianchi. Beautiful landscape, unique scenery of the West Zhejiang Tianchi located in the top of Thousands Hectare Pass. The altitude is about 1100m. The Tianchi is surrounded by low mountains ring columns, stream gurgling, Clear water, blue sky, green mountains, open field of vision. The water area is about 900 acres which is one the highest and largest natural lake in currently South China.

    Hiking Schedule:
    First day: 2013.5.24
    19:30-20:00: Gathering place: People’s Square or Line 1 Lianhua Road
    20:00: Depart. Please, don’t be late.
    20:00-00:00: On the way… Excited? Entertainment hours…Cheer up~~
    00:00: Arrival to the entrance of the WuYue Ancient Path and spend night in the a local house (or if you have a tent, It’s possible to set it)

    Second day: 2013.5.25 (Saturday)
    8:00: Get up and have our breakfast… Then start our first day hiking --- The Wuyue Ancient Path. Beautiful vision …

    11:00: Arrived West Zhejiang Tianchi after 3 hours hiking, hope everyone can keep the same speed. Don’t fall behind, guys!
    Clear water, blue sky, green mountains, open field of vision… Yes, the beautiful landscape is just in front of you. We will spend some time there to enjoy the beautiful spot. Walk around the lake? Yep, Good idea!

    12:00: Climb the summit of the mountain nearby (Altitude: 1363m)
    Through the bushes, there is a small path to climb the summit. The summit is wide and flat with wild flowers and old wall collapse among them. Walk along the old wall to the west, there is a big rock called Sword Stone where is the best place to overlook the Zhejiang Tianchi and lookout the peaks of Anhui.

    15:30: After enjoying all the beautiful landscape. We will find another way to get back to the entrance. (Or we can camp nearby the West Zhejiang Tianchi if all of us will have a tent.)
    When arrived, it’s night hours. Enjoy our dinner… (Can cook by ourselves or in the local hotel), after dinner, it’s fire hours~~ cheer up~

    The Third day: 2013.5.26 (Sunday)
    8:00: Get up and have our breakfast. After breakfast, we will have 5 hours hiking to the Buddhist Temple and West Cliff. Nearby, there is a conjoined cave for us to explore.

    13:00: We will have a lunch and then start to back Shanghai.

    Transportation: By bus
    Accommodation: Local Inn or tent
    Cost: 350RMB (Deposit: 200RMB, payment must be done 3 days before)
    Cost including: All the transportation fees; Leaders’ allowances and all the organizing fees; Utility equipment; Professional outdoor insurance; Breakfast
    Note: The price doesn’t include Accommodation and dinner.

    ++More details about the trip:
    -Hiking Difficulty Level : Moderate level
    -The duration of hiking/day : 4-5 hours
    -Accessible for all ages and to all those in good health
    -Hiking shoes + backpack are required

    --> No experience is required for this hiking trip. For people who have never had this experience, this hiking trip is for YOU ! !

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