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Wanna build a new&fun collocation in the French concession ??

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par Nanouska, 31 Jan 2012.

  1. Nanouska

    Nanouska Membre Bronze

    28 Sept 2010
    Hengshan Lu
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    [h=2][​IMG] Wanna build a new&fun collocation in the French concession ??[/h]
    Hi and Happy CNY to all of you :)

    Around mid-february/early march, I will be willing to build a collocation (of 2 or 3 people) in the French Concession area (only).
    Budget will surely be around 3000RMB/person, for an old appartment in a lane house or a new one in the Shanghai well known coumpounds... of course, the old lane house already has my preference !
    I will be looking for something with charm & originality if possible (garden or terrace would be a MUST) for a global price of 9000 to 10 000RMB/month for 3 rooms in a lovely flat with all the necessary home furniture (TV, washing mashine, air con; hoven; microwave etc...) and an ayi for the chores.

    So, boys and girls, if you wanna join me, I will be glad to find us a perfect spot in the French Old Concession!!!!!!!!!!! I already got contacts of agents who helped me in the past in Shanghai (that's a good point, right ??)

    My preference goes to people around their 30s; no students, that love to share and knows how to live with respect for others !

    I will be willing to put my name on the rental contract if needed (at least for one year), so even the people looking for less than one year accomodation, we'll arrange ourselves; it is not a problem for me...

    If you are interested in joining me in this adventure, please ldon't hesitate to contact me so we can arrange a meeting at lequereanne@gmail.com or call me directly 13916020346 !

    My best !

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