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vernissage "Visionaire"

Discussion dans 'Shanghai Sortir' créé par fellinigallery, 30 Août 2009.

  1. fellinigallery

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    30 Août 2009
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    Contemporary Art Exhibition

    VISIONAIRE is a "Felliniesque" extravagant idiosyncratic Contemporary Art
    Group Exhibition presented by FELLINI Gallery, bringing to Shanghai a
    roster of international renowned artists—Ed Moses, Laddie John Dill, Lola
    Del Fresno, Todd Williamson, Rimi Yang—and some very promising Chinese
    inspiring artists—Hou Xi, Zhang Bo, Li Feilin and Hu Zhipeng—within a
    range of painting to sculpture to installations.

    VISIONAIRE is the first and most extensive exhibition in China of
    world-celebrated artists Ed Moses (USA), Laddie John Dill (USA), Lola Del
    Fresno (Spain), Todd Williamson (USA), and Rimi Yang (Korea), with the
    initiation of provoking collision, inspiration and communication of Chinese
    artists as well as the Chinese art scene.

    VISIONAIRE is an amalgamation of avant-garde artworks from the West and the
    East, as well as the Western culture colliding with the Eastern culture.
    It highlights the unity of Eastern and Western contemporary aesthetics.
    The artists are from different locations with various backgrounds and
    experiences. By exhibiting together, the artists are able to share while
    embracing outside ideas and broadening their visions. This stimulating
    clash will create a high time for everyone to become the muse and Federico
    Fellini’s “medium between their fantasies and the rest of the world”.

    Like the revolutionary Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to
    see in the world”. Fellini says be the muse you want to create; be the
    dream you want to realize—to be the VISIONAIRE you dream to be!

    VISIONAIRE Contemporary Art Group Exhibition at FELLINI Gallery will be on
    view September 11th, 2009 through October 24th, 2009. The opening
    reception is on Friday, September 11 from 5PM-8PM, accompanied by a French
    wine and cocktails reception. For more information, please contact us at:
    info@fellinigallery.com or call (021) 5404.7787

    Group Exhibition on view September 11th, 2009 through October 24th, 2009
    Opening 开幕式: 9.11.2009 Friday 星期五 5PM-8PM
    Venue 地点: Fellini Gallery | 339 Changle Lu #15 near Xiangyang Lu
    Tel.: +8621 5404.7787
    Web 网站: www.FelliniGallery.com
    E电邮: info@FelliniGallery.com

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