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23 Oct 2005
10 RMB par livre pour cause de demenagement dans un espace plus petit....

Stephen King:
- Goes to the movies
- 11.22.63

Dan Brown
- Anges & Démons
- Angels & Demons
- The lost symbol

John Grisham
- The rainmaker
- The innocent man

Sophie Kinsella
- Can you keep a secret?
- The undomestic Goddess
- Cocktails for three

- The ritual (Adam Nevill)
- The girl who kicked the hornet's nest (Stieg Larsson)
- Schweinehunde (L & S Hammer)
- The curious incident of the dog in the night-time (M Haddon)
- All the names (J Saramago)
- The known world (E P Jones)
- Stupid white men (M Moore)
- Spur ins Dunkel (S Mosby)
- Journey to nowhere (S Naipaul)
- I know you got soul (Clarkson)
- The hunger games (S Collins)
- A traveller's history of China (S Haw)
- Breath, eyes, memory (E Danticat)
- Heat (B Buford)
- Lunar park (B Ellis) fr
- Tödlicher Irrtum (B Peters)
- Der Augensammler (S Fitzke)
- The sirens of Baghdad (Y Khadra)
- Eros (E Title) de
- Ausgesetzt (J Nichol)
- Midnight children (S Rushdie)
- Hunters in the sea (R White)
- 100 years of solitude (G Marquez)
- Iron and silk (M Salzmann)
- Slumdog millionaire (V Swarup)
- The idiot (F Dostoevsky)
- Tuesdays with Morrie (M Albom)
- Black country to red China (E Ying)
- Auf der Sklavenroute (VS Naipaul)
- A thousand splendid suns (K Hosseini)
- Sick puppy (C Hiaasen)
- Die Blumen des Todes (M Billingham)
- 1984 (G Orwell)
- Electric universe (D Bodanis)
- Ni d'Eve ni d'Adam (A Nothomb)
- Zadig et autres contes (Voltaire)
- Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (D Adams)
- Family honor (R Parker)
- Candide (Voltaire)
- The pleasures and sorrows of work (A de Botton)
- Magic seeds (VS Naipaul)
- Heat of the matter (E Giffin)
- Flash (C Duchaussois) fr
- Pensées (Pascal)
- Biographie de la faim (A Nothomb)

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