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Vends de velo

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Shanghai Bazar' créé par antogallo90, 23 Juil 2013.

  1. antogallo90

    antogallo90 Nouveau Membre

    23 Juil 2013
    Scooter on sale

    Hello guys,

    it's Antonio, italian guy internship in Shanghai.
    Since I'm going to leave on August 15th I'm selling my loved scooter :cry:
    I bought it on february 2013 and start using it every day from May (because of the shitty rain :/).
    How you can see from the picture attached, it looks brand new, that's because I've treated it very carefully.
    Furthermore (very important) the scooter comes with the receipt (to keep always with you, in case the police stop you) and 6 months warranty left, until february 2014.
    I improved the battery on may (putting one more slot), so you can run through Shanghai for more than 50 km with one charge.
    Of course it comes with the battery charger, two keys, a lock and also a plastic coat.
    Bought for 3000rmb I'm selling it for 2400rmb. I'm available for any try.



    #1 antogallo90, 23 Juil 2013
    Dernière édition: 23 Juil 2013
  2. xiao au

    xiao au Membre Silver

    27 Août 2009
    I am interested, but I have few questions; could you contact me: 186 1658 4064 ?
    thank you

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