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Urgent: offre d'emploi Sales Manager South East Asia, based in SHANGHAI

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par lan, 18 Nov 2010.

  1. lan

    lan Apprenti

    8 Oct 2010
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    Voir le detail ci-dessous:

    Role Description BETAFENCE NV

    1. Job Title: Sales Manager SE ASIA

    2. Mission of Role

    Development of specified interesting markets in South East Asia.
    3. Organizational Context

    3.1. Key Challenges for the Future:
    Has to have the growth potential to become sales director China and to become responsible for a team of 17 persons.

    3.2. Required Organizational Capabilities:
    Bachelor degree in engineering or business management with an emphasis in sales & marketing.
    Min 5 years experience in a sales & marketing position, and in export function.

    3.3. Reporting Relationships and Scope:
    Report to the Sales Director Asia.
    Management: KAM highways, Sales Manager P&I, KAM railways, Sales Manager Infrastructure, Sales Manager SE Asia
    1 CSC, 1 marketing, 9 sales reps, 2 sales support engineers, 1 installation engineer

    4. Key Result Areas

    § To search for important projects in high security or other fencing applications through agents or local sales representatives. Manage and follow-up existing agents in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Develop new sales contacts in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
    § To prepare and implement an x+1-plan for specific markets and product portfolio in close cooperation with the Tianjin factory, in order to increase the sales and profits within South East Asia.
    § Through prospecting, networking with stakeholders and communicating with customers, develop the market in terms of turnover, volume, market share.
    § To follow up and analyze market evolution, market share, evolution of customer priorities and competition activities. Report all relevant information in order to contribute to a pro-active market strategy and to realize business plans.
    § Sell projects by proposing a total project solution for our client’s in the SE Asia. Assist customers in developing new products and MTO solutions.
    § Networking is crucial: build close relations with authorities, project owners, contractors, and architects to find potential leads.
    § To contribute to the introduction and promotion of new and existing products through direct mailing, presence at fairs… in order to increase turnover and market share.
    § To follow up credit situation of customers and stimulate all necessary actions in order to ensure that invoices are paid on a timely basis.
    § To follow up customer complaints in order to ensure optimal solutions for both the customer and Betafence.
    § To give inputs for product development and product adaptations.
    § To coordinate and follow up technical support and after sales services and initiate corrective actions if needed, in order to reach maximum customer satisfaction at minimum cost.
    5. Job Holder Profile

    § 5 to 8 years export management experience in a commercial/technical job. Proven to be a professional in sales in an international context, good negotiator and capable of achieving good business results
    § Str0ng affinity with technical products.
    § Networking & hunting is a second nature.
    § Chinese and excellent in English.
    § Analytical & organizational skills.
    § Flexible: 50% traveling.
    § Has the potential to become Sales Director China.
    § Ability to promote, hunt and conclude complex TSP projects
    § A do-person, action oriented not just an talker
    6. Competencies

    1. Know the Business: shows understanding of issues relevant to the broad organization and business; keeps that knowledge up to date; has and uses cross-functional knowledge…
    § Thorough understanding of product specifications and applications.
    § Thorough understanding of market- and price mechanisms (cost price calculation, price setting, sales price, bonus system).
    § Thorough understanding of negotiation skills
    § Build knowledge on competitive environment i.e. being able to inform the central organization on strengths/weaknesses versus the competition.
    § Thorough knowledge of production process.
    § Keeping up to date on technological developments, breakthroughs within own market segment.

    2. Analyze Issues: gather relevant information systematically; considers a broad range of issues or factors, grasps complexities and perceives relationships among problems or issues; seeks input from others; uses accurate logic in analyses…
    § Gain insight in product range and the different customers within the allocated geographical market(s).
    § Classify customers according to sales volume and strategic value.
    § Capability to make Swot analysis of competition.
    § Analyze market information to obtain clear view of the market position of our own product versus the competitor’s product.
    § Provide input on strategic development.
    § Provide input on product development.
    § Analyze own production process as well as the customer’s in order to develop win-win solutions, primarily by reducing the cost price. The objective is to create a long term partnership with the customer.
    § Link the customer needs with the capabilities of the company, and design a proposal which offers added value for both parties.
    3.Establish Plans: develops short- and long-range plans that are appropriately comprehensive, realistic and effective in meeting goals; integrates planning efforts across work units…
    § Design action plan to develop new markets / new projects.
    § In consultation with customers, develop plans to come to a mutual strategy over a longer period of time.
    § Present ideas on product development, taking into account the competitor’s strategy.
    § Develop new customers / new business swiftly.
    4. Manage Execution: develops short- and long-range plans that are appropriately comprehensive, realistic and effective in meeting goals; integrates planning efforts across work units…
    5. Influence Others: asserts own ideas and persuades others; gains support and commitment from others; mobilizes people to take action..
    § Make a positive impression – Earn the Right – during first contact with customers.
    § Obtain a clear view of the DMU at each customer: the Decision Makers the influencers.
    § Communicate market information to central organization, based on facts and figures.

    6. Drive for Results: anticipates customer needs, takes action to meet customer needs; continually searches for ways to increase customer satisfaction.
    § Communicate a commercial proposal in a clear way.
    § Conclude normal sales transactions swiftly.
    § Understand buying policy / strategy of members of one international group.
    § Deal with difficult situations and change them into a win-win relationship.
    7. Negotiations: creates an atmosphere in which timely and high quality information flows smoothly between self and others; encourages the open expressions of ideas and opinions.
    § Take initiative and ask the right questions.
    § Listens actively to the needs of the customers.
    § Discuss – within the Betafence organization – the issues / problems with the right person on the right level.
    § Search actively for market information, evaluate correctness, and check in case of doubt with third parties before communicating to the Betafence organization.
    § Obtaining insight in the customer’s future technological evolutions / breakthroughs by building a close relationship with the customer, asking the right questions and listen actively.
    8. Communication: demonstrates principled leadership and sound business ethics; shows consistency among principles, values, and behavior, builds trust with others through own authenticity and follow-through on commitments.
    § Respect commitments made with customers.
    § Know the company’s capabilities on delivery terms, product specifications, etc in order to avoid sales proposals which can not be fulfilled.
    § Respect commitments made with customers. This implies to determine and execute all elements related to the commercial transaction e.g. delivery terms, proposal, pricing etc…

  2. lan

    lan Apprenti

    8 Oct 2010
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