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Une Chambre a San Yuan Qiao

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces - Pékin Divers' créé par Erinapekin, 9 Mar 2009.

  1. Erinapekin

    Erinapekin Membre Bronze

    9 Mar 2009
    Une chambre a louer a cote de Metro San Yuan Qiao (Line 10 & Aeroport Express)
    Je suis Chinoise, 26 ans, Je vais prendre Francaise, J'espere quelquon parlent Francaise...

    Sorry for my start-up French, so please allow me to write the following information in English:)
    I'm looking for a roomate who can practise Daily French with me, and I can help with Chinese as exchange.

    This apartment is very close to Metro Sanyuanqiao, which is easy access to yANSHA, Sanlitun, Guomao, or other places. The total area is about 140m2, one of the room (35m2 with seperated bathroom) is waiting to be rented. All furniture equipped, what's more, it's in a very good neighborhood, which serves good security.
    Price: 1800RMB per moi
    If you have any intrest, plz contact me by email sweety_erin#hotmail.com, you can come to have a look during the weekend...I am out during workdays.

  2. YacineAM

    YacineAM Membre Bronze

    9 Avr 2009
    I am a french student (I am studying chinese) and I going to be in Beijing for the next 6 month, I m looking for a roomate. Is the room you are offering still available??? I'm going to be in Beijing in June !!!!!! Pretty soon !!! In which area is the appartment exactly? Can you give me more information please, do you have pictures?
  3. pauline.phelipeau

    pauline.phelipeau Membre Bronze

    1 Sept 2009

    hello my name is Pauline I am french and I am looking for a flat and a chinese room mate to teach little bit of chinese and I would be happy t teach you some french.

    I am friendly and curious about your culture and I would be happy to teach you mine!

    let me know if you are interresting about my offer

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