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Ultimate Wealth: China’s Megarich are Growing

Discussion dans 'Bistrot Chine du "Lotus Bleu"' créé par Orang Malang, 24 Nov 2014.

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    23 Oct 2005
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    Fast cars, extravagant nights out and first class service are just some of the perks of China’s megarich. Shopping for superyachts is just part of the average day for these ultra wealthy business people, many of whom are yet to celebrate their 30th birthday. Billionaires has explored the surreal lives of some of the world’s most wealthy people to discover where their money comes from and how they really like to spend it.

    The Rise of the Megarich

    Despite fears of economic slowdown, China’s megarich have remained some of the top earning individuals in the world. At the end of 2012, 11,245 of China’s “ultra-high-net-worth individuals”, or those with $30 million (AU$34 million) or more each in assets, were worth an astonishing net total of $1.6 trillion, according to Singapore research firm Wealth-X. The number of individuals with a total net worth of $500 million has also reached an impressive figure, with a six per cent growth pushing 535 above the threshold and into the world of the truly megarich.

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