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trilingual CEO Assistant

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Rivages, 10 Nov 2012.

  1. Rivages

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    4 Sept 2010
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    to the Managing Director/Chairman
    Oney Banque Accord (Auchan Group)


    Accord Consulting is a 35 persons fast growing fully foreign-owned company, 100% owned by the international consumer finance bank Oney - Banque Accord, based in Shanghai and active throughout China, developing financial programs developed in partnership with Chinese Banks and major retailing groups.
    Banque Accord is a French financial institution, specialized in consumer finance and credit cards, 100% owned by Auchan Group. It is present in 11 countries and has launched its activities in China in early 2007, focusing on the distribution of financial products through retail distribution channels.
    Auchan Group, a Fortune top 500 company, is one of the world leading retail distribution groups active in mass distribution through hyper-markets and other retails channels. Auchan is present in China through its own brand Auchan hypermarkets and other retail brands.

    Further to a promotion, Banque Accord is recruiting for its Oney Accord Consulting activities in China:

    A trilingual Executive Assistant
    to the Chairman of Accord Consulting & Managing Director of Banque Accord in China

    The Executive Assistant will be responsible:

    1) Traditional support duties (travel organization, secretarial assistance, translations, filing, call and mail management, appointment/schedule management)
    2) Internal and intra-group communication (in China and with HO Communication division)
    3) PR management
    4) Relational management (international visitor’s schedule, key partner’s social attention)
    5) Preparation or follow-ups of Management meetings and Board Meetings
    6) Any other initiative to support the company and its Chairman

    Candidate PROFILE:

    Age: 26-33 years old

    Studies: University studies, preferably in finance, business or communication

    Experience: A prior successful professional experience is necessary, preferably in one or several of the following: finance, retail chains(hypermarket or specialists), 'iternal and external communication, editing e-newsletter for professional communcation, and of course executive assistant experience

    Language: Native/very fluent Chinese, very fluent English and French

    Computer: Should be highly computer literate


    In search a person capable of autonomy, capable of assessing with intelligence priorities and situations.

    The Executive Assistant shall have a good understanding from experience or learning of what shall be assistant duties and be capable to provide beneficial support at her own initiative without waiting to receive specific instructions on most tasks.

    She shall be able to show commitment and engagement toward her job, both in terms of intellectual investment and flexibility as regard workload if needed at pick periods.

    The Executive Assistant should be opened and cooperative in handling of internal and external professional relationship (a gateway more than a barrier), adapting to peoples and situations while remaining capable of managing priorities for her and her boss.

    The person shall be precise, effective and capable of going into practical details of the issues she will handle.

    By the nature of her position, supporting the company’s Chairman, the Executive Assistant will be over time exposed to confidential information. Her capacity to build a loyal relationship with the executive she is supporting and to protect confidential information is vital to her credibility in her position.

    Remuneration / start date
    The salary will depend on experience and qualifications.
    Immediate recruitment.

    Answer to :
    - shadowzhang@oney.com.cn
    cc to tloaec@oney.com.cn

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