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The New Rules About The Visa For The Laowai

Discussion dans 'Visa Chine' créé par Antoinebrc, 2 Avr 2008.

  1. Antoinebrc

    Antoinebrc Membre Silver

    27 Sept 2007
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    INFORMATION (I hope averybody speak 英语 ?)

    Since now on, no visa extension is possible through chinese visa for laowai agencies.

    The only things the laowai can do to renew their visa is going to the entry/exit buro in pudong. you can go 2 times to make an extension .

    exemple 1: for the new ppl who arrive => first you get a visa 30 days in Paris or Hongkong, then you go to the buro of entries/exits 2 times for 2*30 days => you can stay 3months in china.

    exemple 2: for the ppl who are in china with a visa whith already an extension on it (through the chinese agencies). you have to leave chinese mainland at expiration... and see the former paragraph.

    Those new rules must have been applied for beijing2008. We think it is temporary and hope the chinese administration will not forget to remove them afterward.

    Those information are reliable. It comes from partners in this visa business for the laowai. I am working for a company who help chinese to apply their visa for foreign countries: www.visa-express-shanghai.com

    If you think you get better informed, that is good for you ! I just write these text in order to share what I consider is the truth. And also to prevent thousand of call everyday, to our company, of laowai in need of visa we cant do ( I have to answers those calls, so I get bored to repeat ;) )

    (!!! no change for the ppl who can get a serious working visa / student visa / business visa with real invitation letter)

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