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Offre Emploi Technicien support client sur logiciels gestion logistique - A pourvoir immédiatement

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par philippe.lebrun, 4 Nov 2014.

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    4 Nov 2014
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    “In the context of its overall strategy, KUEHNE + NAGEL DSIA’s mission is to ensure the conception of the logistics system, guaranteeing that the system continually meets the needs and the requirements of the Company’s Customers. KUEHNE + NAGEL DSIA’s mission further embraces the operational implementation of systems, their smooth, uninterrupted availability and optimization. KUEHNE + NAGEL DSIA undertakes to systematically and continually verify that the Company’s systems reflect the needs and requirements of Customers and those functions and facilities expected in the logistics market place”.
    The Customer Support Technician (“CST”) is the representative and the operational interface of the end user. He reports hierarchically to a Team Manager. He must upgrade regularly his skills in order to deliver a best-in-class service to the end user.
    He is part of a national team and works closely with a set of 2nd level of Support located in France.
    The mission of the CST is made of 3 main areas :
    a - Customer support
    Taking calls : The CST is the main point of contact (Single Point Of Contact) of the LogistarTM users.
    He is in charge of taking directly the customer calls, agreeing with the user on the incident priority level, setting a telephone appointment and recording the request in the Kuehne+Nagel DSIA Ticket Management System.
    Ticket handling in the Customer Support Service : This handling is done according to the best ITIL practices and splits into 2 processes : Incident and Problem Management.
    Incident Management : The CST diagnoses and solves the LogistarTM incidents arisen by the users, with the possible help of the 2nd level of support.
    He remains responsible for the incident even if the ticket is escalated to an expert group but he is in charge of the information towards the customer who must be regularly informed of actions undertaken and must particularly meet his commitments, especially the appointment set with the user. He keeps systematically his manager informed about any blocking and important event.
    Consequently, he has to make sure that the customer is satisfied about the way the incidents are dealt.
    Problem Management : With the help of the level 2 support and with the Problem Process Manager, the CST diagnoses the root cause of the incidents and tries to reproduce the case in a test environment. He takes part in the tests to validate the patches proposed.
    He is in charge of the information towards the customer and consequently, has to make sure that the customer is satisfied about the way the problems are dealt.
    The CST will have regular periods of time "on-call". During such period (1 week), CST will remain reachable by clients for Incident Management on a base of 24/7. Frequency will be determined with the team.
    b- Go-Live Assistance / Training
    When a new Client, or a new LogistarTM release, or new LogistarTM functionalities not already used are implemented, the CST has to help the users to appropriate the Information system.
    The CST participating to the Go-Live assistance, has to check before, the information system set- up (software parameters, access to the information system, user documentation, customer documentation, ...).
    He must evaluate the level of the trainees and adapt the training content to the customer needs.
    He is the interface with the users during the adjusting process and must deal with any software dysfunction which would arise in the mean time.
    On a daily basis, he has to inform his direct line manager about the progress of the project and the issues encountered.
    The CST may have to train users or colleagues and has then to prepare the information system required for the training. He must also draw up or fill up the specific documentations.
    At the end of the training, he must collect the attendance and evaluation sheets.
    c – Testing (Integration Acceptances Tests / User Acceptance Tests)
    The CST is in charge of the validation/qualification of new LogistarTM releases which are in his area of expertise.
    He may also help the users in the validation of these new releases. To do so, he uses the tools and follows the instructions given by the responsible concerned.
    The CST may have to set up the software parameters during the implementation.
    More, it’s during this mission that he completes his own training.
    The CST works in shifts 24/24 h and 7/7 days according to a planning set up 2 months before (planning subject to change at any time with a notice period of 2 weeks) and according to the national laws. On duty periods can also take place.
    With a BS/BA degree (Logistics, Trade, …) or equivalent, the CSTcan have a first experience within the Logistics and/or the Supply Chain field, as well as a first approach to the « business » software solutions, must be very motivated and ready to demonstrate their autonomy.
    Taste for human relationships, commitment and team spirit will help the candidate to successfully integrate a Service organization which offers permanent (24/7) and high ranking services to our customers.
    Languages : Trilingual Chinese – French - English

    Contact :
    +33 (0)618212518

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