System Administrator Unix


Membre Silver
23 Oct 2005
We are looking for a part-time system administrator who could work remotely on abroad servers.

To apply to this position, you need :
• to be fluent in english,
• to have a good general knowledge about UNIX systems, its history and the various specificities of all variants,
• to know how to get information you don't know (man pages, web forums...),
• to be able to write basic shell scripts,

• to know about web, mail and database server administration,
• to be able to try, test and advice us on open-source products,

• you need to have already have an experience in UNIX administration (even short),

• ideally you have knowledge about C/C++ programming,
• ideally you would be able to advise us on upcomming server changes and upgrades.

You would be working on production servers so errors would not be tolerated.

Contact (pm): Albane Chollet