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Superbike Honda Blackbird 1100

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Annonces' créé par dseve, 6 Août 2010.

  1. dseve

    dseve Membre Actif

    6 Août 2010
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    Bonjour vend ma moto suite a mon retour en france
    elle est en tres bon etat et sur pekin mais je peut la livree dans une ville alentour ;)
    Pour plus d info appellez moi au 159 110 33 100 Seve

    Selling my beloved Blackbird
    One of the best motorbikes of all time and now available at a descent price!
    It has 171 hp at 9000 rpm does 0to100km/h in 2.85 and 0to200kn/h 8.7 seconds since its the non catalytic version and has the non limited ECU and a better exhaust !
    Its a Superbike that can handle either city driving and traffic jams, mountain roads or expressways and each time provides much more comfort than most of other superbike in very similar performances.
    This version Tops 312 km/h but never been so far, had to admit its too fast for me reaching 300 and still wanting to go on, my craziest attempt even though i am not a speed freak i had to try but reason made me stop there.
    You can all se on www.youku.com and type blackbird to see how a stock blackbird goes to 300km without any trouble and more interestingly how fast it reaches 200km/h tested from a motorcycling reviewer on the German autobahn.
    It has a great sitting position and amazing performance inside city leaving many others in my mirrors, but the true part about this bike is to be known as one of the most reliable, either in too cold, in too hot, in traffic jams or on a freeway.
    Direct from the importation port in guanzhou, it has never been messed around with Chinese mechanics or previous owners, fully serviced and ready to go out to the great road. I have had many bikes in china in those 9 years i lived here and its normal that it was the last since nothing really tops it i am a reasonable budget. Genuine reason for selling, leaving china in a couple of months from now, already prepared most of the stuff and the bike must be sold.
    It comes with a full service and only top parts (iridium new spark, European new sport tyres(Michelin or bridgestone or metzler sports), best oils, and some mods (double Japanese real carbon fiber exhaust, not too loud but a great beatsy sound if you tackle the throttle, handle bar tune-up, It comes black which is the proper color for this bike with a subtile blue light from Europe to give it this nice look at night(not a lousy tuning but xenon type tinted blue beam) also has other small nice touches upgrades but stay stock for the mechanic part. Its never been pushed in stupid ways or had any stunts done with it. (usually more reasonable riders have those, riders with a high balance and agility expectation from a bike) it also feature a special brake system that avoids blocking the front brakes by balancing the front and rear brake while braking.
    This bike comes with no plates, since i figure its better without plates than fake ones. Never seen legal places at a affordable price in Beijing and in 9 years never had any in my possession or any of my friend riders.
    If you need any more details on the bike feel free to call me, but only if seriously interested. I can also give advice if any of you is looking to buy a cheaper bike. Seve 159 110 33 100
    Asking price is 33k yuan and can come with a guaranty from a local garage with a little extra. Will also have a helmet and other bike gear available for a reasonable price since i am leaving china.
    Have fun riding' ;)
    To back up specs many Website such as http://superblackbird.arnolddegraaf.nl/specifications.php

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