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super ayi! Shanghaienne a Laoximen

Discussion dans 'Etre Parent a Shanghai' créé par lat, 7 Déc 2013.

  1. lat

    lat Membre Actif

    13 Mar 2013
    je poste ceci pour une amie non francophone qui s'en va et dont la ayi sera disponible a partir du 1er
    Janvier. Ci-dessous ses recommandations pour sa ayi
    Here is the text:

    To Whom It May Concern

    Shanghai, December 2013

    After several years spent in China, time has come for our family to move forward and to another country. Unfortunately, we have to leave one family member behind, our dear Ayi – Wei. Therefore, we write this letter hoping it will help her future family recognize her in time
    Our Wei, has been with us for more than 3 years. Being European family with 2 small kids (at that time 2 and 5 year old), and with both working parents, we have searched for trustful, neat, healthy and native Shanghainese, that could help us run the household. As we have expected this was not a simple task, but Wei soon proved to be exactly the right person.
    Initially we expected Wei to help us with the kids – bring them back from school, make sure they eat, and cooking meals, play outside, read books (in Chinese language). However, very soon we have realized that she is helping us much more than that. Wei kept hygiene in the apartment, washed and ironed our clothes, bought groceries, prepared food for complete family. Even more on several occasions we were forced to leave her alone with children for several days, relaying completely on her 100% dedication. We have been very happy to realize that she embraced such task with full responsibility.
    Since our first encounter, Wei proved to be punctual, fully trustful, honest, responsible, clean, caring person that deserved our respect throughout the years. Therefore, we would like to recommend her warmly to her new family. In the case you would like to get in touch with us directly, please do not hesitate to do so.

    contactez moi en message privé avec vos coordonnes email ou telephone.
  2. uid26122

    uid26122 Membre Bronze

    24 Nov 2007

    Nous avons une petite fille de 11 mois et attendons un deuxieme. Nous serions interesse par l'annonce que vous avez postee.
    Vous pouvez me contacter par email: j.pierrelee@libertysurf.fr ou sur le portable de ma femme (anglais / chinois): 137 6401 6615 (Feili).



    Note: nous habitons Nanjing Xi Lu

  3. lat

    lat Membre Actif

    13 Mar 2013

    vous pouvez joindre mon amie pour qui la ayi travaille actuellement en anglais à l'adresse ci-dessous:


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