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Super Ayi a temps plein disponible

Discussion dans 'Etre Parent a Shanghai' créé par shuynh, 15 Juil 2014.

  1. shuynh

    shuynh Membre Bronze

    8 Jan 2009
    We are a French family relocating to South Africa and we would like to help our ayi to find a new family before leaving, she is available from August 1st. She would prefer to work in the Former French concession.

    She has been working full time from 08am to 6:30pm for us for 2 and half years, our daughter was then only 11 months, my husband and I were both working full time. Her job is mainly to take care of our daughter, clean the apartment, run errands (grocery shopping/ pay the utilities bills), cook my daughter’s meals and sometimes ours. She doesn’t mind overtime on evenings and week-ends.

    I had 2 full time ayis before her, one of her even came highly recommended by her previous boss and I have seen about 20 different ayis before choosing her, here are the main reasons why I hired her:

    -She is educated, she finished high school, can read and write Chinese, and speaks good Putonghua (no harsh accent)

    -Her husband and son live in Shanghai with her, so no chance she will suddenly leave the city because she has a sick relative

    -She has her own e-bike so she doesn’t rely on public transport

    -She lives near Fuxing park, it only takes her 20 minutes from door to door which means she can easily do overtime

    -Her son is 13 years old and is able to take care of himself so she doesn’t mind overtime on evenings and week-ends

    -When I ask her to change or modify her way of doing things, she actually listens to me and doesn’t do things behind my back

    -She is not counting every single penny, I just hate it when other ayis keep asking for a payrise, pay for their dinner because they did overtime, pay them the 5 minutes overtime they did. On the other hand, we give her a bonus every year for Chinese new year, increase her salary automatically by 10% every year and other little perks

    -She is discreet and doesn’t impose herself

    Other than these and the most important is that my daughter likes her very much. If I would ask her why, this is what she would say:

    -She happily reads Chinese children book to her

    -She enjoys teaching Chinese nursery songs to her

    -She is very chatty with my daughter, they are like friends

    -She cooks Chinese meals for her

    -She takes her and picks her up from school

    -She gives her bath and never leaves the bathroom

    -She listens to my daughter’s needs and likes, she is always her first priority. -She doesn’t let my daughter play alone while chatting with other ayis. She comes back home if my daughter is asking.

    A lot of people made compliments about our ayi, the other mothers in our compound, as well as the foreign teachers and other mothers from the kindergarten. All of them told me how nice it was to see an ayi actually talking to the kid, having a real conversation. My ayi would pick up my daughter from school and ask her how was her day as other ayis would pick up the kids without a word and leave the school directly.

    If it was possible I would have asked her to come along with us. I know she will be greatly missed by our family, especially my daughter, the two of them have a very special bond.

    If you need any further information, I will be available to answer by phone (until 31 July) or by private message:
    #1 shuynh, 15 Juil 2014
    Dernière édition: 15 Juil 2014
  2. shuynh

    shuynh Membre Bronze

    8 Jan 2009
    Luwan/Xintiandi area is also fine with her.

    PLUIE A TEMPS Membre Gold

    22 Avr 2009
    Je m'interesse par votre annonce.

    Ma fille a 4 mois, je vais reprendre le travail au septembre.

    Est ce que Ayi s'interesse de garder un petit baby?


  4. xiaoalice

    xiaoalice Apprenti

    26 Août 2014
    Dear Madam,

    I'd like to know if your ayi have found a family or is she still available? I am leaving near Xujiahui. And looking for an ayi (full time) to take care of my son (2.5 years old) & in 4 months for my future baby. Thanks in advance!

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