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=) Sunny&Huge Room near Jing'an Temple (Short term)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par GregO0S, 16 Nov 2014.

  1. GregO0S

    GregO0S Membre Bronze

    25 Avr 2011
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    Hello Everybody!

    Im leaving my awesome room for 2 months to come back to france for holidays.
    The room will be available from the 27 november to the 27 of january. (Flexible on that)

    Location :
    - Very convenient and central
    - 10 minutes away from Jingan Temple Metro station (l2/7)!

    Flat :
    - That flat is HUGE! It is indeed 2 flats merged together, so you have a big couch and lots of stuffs (like a soccer table, oh yeah)
    - Big kitchen with everything needed if you wanna cook
    - We have a fiber 100mbts internet, one of the fastest I've seen in Shanghai. I installed 3 routers on the flat to be sure that everybody gets a good internet.
    - We have 2 balconies, the flat is really sunny
    - There is a tennis court + swimming pool + gym inside the compound!
    - 2 awesome and lovely cats (Aio and Arya)

    Roomates : They are AWESOME (so take care of them!) there is Yolaine, french girl, Miller, American dude, Gillian, Dutch girl and Mathieu, french dude.
    We like to hang out together and throw some parties sometime. We usually chill on the couch every evening, talking / watching shit.

    Room :
    - Big room! I put some plants 2 tables ( one standing table ) and an exercise bike.
    - Really really sunny, I have 2 HUGE windows, youll actually get sun from the morning to the late afternoon

    - If you need, you can use my bike and external screen, Ill just ask you to be careful ;-)

    the fee is 2700rmb/month.
    Phone/wechat : 18601788634

    I will be glad to make you visit the flat.

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