Offre Stage Stage supermarche promoteur /trice base a shenzhen


Membre Bronze
19 Août 2012
Bonjour, notre client dans le vin qui recherche un ou une stagiaire pour promouvoir ses vins dans une chaine de supermarché haut de gamme, voici le profil recherché pour ce stage :

Supermarket promoter
1. Promote product stalls in major supermarkets according to the company's plan;
2. Responsible for the company's product promotion;
3. Complete the sales statistics report of the promotion activities on time and quality;
4. Design, production and distribution management of promotional products and gifts;
5. Collection and feedback of competitive product information;
6. Implement promotional activities in accordance with promotional plans.
1. Hard work and good affinity
2. Fluent in French and English
3. Have a good comprehensive quality and cultural accomplishment, dedication and teamwork spirit;
4. Have affinity and Str0ng execution ability;

Merci de contacter: Angela +86 134 2511 5344 Mail: