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25 Juin 2011

Nous recherchons un stagiaire scientifique provenant d'école d’ingénieur pour notre entreprise francaise. Voici le descriptif du projet en anglais:

EVA (for Emotions in Voice Analysis) is a new type of AI focusing on the understanding of human emotions in various contexts. The system function as an API and is currently exploited for application in different industries such as recruiting, personality assessment, Education, etc.

The project still have plenty of R&D work and requires top level contributors to progress in both the method to extract physical properties and the way to interpret numerous data through statistical models and machine learning.

We are looking for an intern with Str0ng capabilities in signal processing and computing in order to bring EVA to the next level. This means exploring new theories or proposing your own ideas in order to achieve the desired result.


- Study and understand current codes and methodology

- Explore up to dates scientific breakthrough in the domain of signal processing, voice analysis, psychoacoustic, emotion recognition

- Discuss and establish future important features and understand the road-map from conceptualization to testing

- Improve existing or build new methods and libraries to achieve such features

- Test and validate methodologies and propose future steps in order to achieve better accuracy

- Document the R&D work and comment your code in details


- Math/Physics students from top universities (bachelor level minimum)

- Good understanding of signal processing

- Very high computer science skills and ability to convert a physical calculation into stable and optimized algorithms.

- Experience coding with Python 2.7

- Good communication skills and ability to work on research papers independently.

- Good level of written English

- French or English oral fluency

The internship is based in our office in Shanghai, China.

CV to send at