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  2. Il est important d'être conscient que le statut de stagiaire n'existe pas réellement pour les étrangers dans la plupart des provinces de Chine.

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Offre Stage Stage - Product and Digital Marketing

Discussion dans 'Annonces Emploi à Canton et Stages' créé par BLGZ, 31 Oct 2014.

  1. BLGZ

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    30 Oct 2007
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    Brief company introduction and working style:

    We are a startup based in Canton developing our own online sales platform for apparel and accessories.

    We are currently in testing phase, and our startup is the result of a collaboration between our logistic company (b2c and b2b logistics) and our manufacturing company (women apparel) supported by our own coders.

    Our work philosophy is to iterate fast and improve often. We like to keep our teams small, our process streamlined and put great emphasis on rapid decision-making within the team by either having a short command chain or by granting greater responsibilities to our team members.


    It'a an internship, with possibility to move onto a permanent position following the internship.

    Job Description:

    - Product selection from our suppliers to be part of our online offer

    - After selection, check product quality and viability for our target audience

    - Support in product shoot

    - Create and manage social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

    - Develop loyalty and engagement programs. Control customer acquisition costs and maximize Return on Investment for our promotional budget.

    - Identify influential fashion bloggers and engage them, get them on our platform as curators

    - Style trend research. Twice a week review and report on international fashion press and media.

    - Fashion related articles for our blog

    - Build and manage a pool of fashion content creator for our collaborative blog


    - Technical background/education in fabric and/or apparel construction is an advatange

    - Str0ng internet presence on social media will be an advantage

    - An excellent command in at least Excel and Word

    - Basic photography skills (for Instagram, mood board and such)

    - Very good command of photography is preferred

    - Good command of Photoshop is an advantage

    - Good command of Illustrator is an advantage

    - Excellent verbal and written communication skill in English

    - Excellent analytical, organizational, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills

    - Keen attention to detail and ability to dive deep matched with the ability to think big

    - Must be native in either English OR an European language

    - English is a must for all applicants (verbal and written communication), either as native or learnt language

    - Priority will be given to applicants who can start working earlier

    How to apply:

    Send us your application to hr/at/innerstreets.com | replace /at/ by @

    Cover letter and resume are required for application. We also strongly encourage applicants to send the following elements (facultative), if any:

    - Portfolio for any creative work (photography, fashion design, graphic design etc.), Regardless of the level of portfolio (hobby, amateur, professional)

    - If the applicant has a blog (in English or French) about a hobby or any other topic, to provide us link(s). If the applicant has written any article for another blog and/or medium to provide us with link(s). This is for us to get a better idea about the applicant’s writing style and expression. If your blog is heavily visual, you can also provide links.

    Interview will be mostly in English so as to assess the applicants’ ability to express her/him-self in English. We do not require the applicant to be a native speaker, however the ability to express oneself in English is critical for this position.


    Near ChangGang metro station (昌岗地铁站) Haizhu District (main office)

    Photo studio and manufacturing team is located near Chigang.

    Compensation: based on profile

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