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Offre Stage Stage Informatique Developpement

Discussion dans 'Annonces Emploi à Canton et Stages' créé par expert-electronique, 4 Sept 2014.

  1. expert-electronique

    expert-electronique Nouveau Membre

    4 Sept 2014
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    The company :

    PAG Electronics is a product development , engineering and manufacturing company specialized in electronic product and system. We are based in Shenzhen (CHINA)website : www.pag-electronics.com

    Our activities are covering the whole development manufacturing cycle for innovative electronic products. We operate behind the scene on behalf of western based SME/SMI, entrepreneur and inventor.

    The product range we are covering is quite wide: from the power bank i-phone case till the industrial electronic controller, trough wearable and connected device.

    Our activities include mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, prototyping, mould manufacturing management, procurement and assembly.

    Our company management team is a made of engineer having more than 7 years of experience in china manufacturing and product development.

    The mission:

    Facing the growth, the company is currently willing to develop its operational team in order to be able to handle more projects. On this base, the company is currently looking for strengthening Computer and IT engineering team by appointing people with technical background capable to handle IT project from A to Z.

    With support of your manager you will take in charge the IT engineering task related to electronics or IT products (iOs, Android App coding, cloud server). Prior starting any IT engineering phase, and in order to operate the most optimized approach, you will have to operate some deep research about the system involved in the products, brainstorm and anticipate issue and difficulties with other specialized technicians and engineer, and make sure customer and product requirement, and quality standard can be matched and achieved.

    You will be in charge of coding some applications which can be used with electronic device for products user interface to gather data from those device but also from an online database (cloud).

    Profile we are looking for :

    - Passionate about new technologies and IT coding

    - Technical skills either:

    1./Android Coding Profile

    - Java coding for Android

    - Android application design

    - Android UI / UX

    2./ iOs Coding Profile

    - SWIFT coding

    - iOs application design

    - iOs UI / UX

    3./ Hybrid Multiplatform application

    - HTML5 / Jquery/ CSS

    - PHP / Mysql

    - Capable to test and verify code
    - Project Management: follow up, planning and requirement respect, organization, communication with other stake holder

    - Conversational English a must

    - Having already done some IT Engineering project

    Curious, autonomous, creative, organized, efficient, open minded (china being very different than other countries in term of mindset). We are looking for someone willing to learn (you will be working with the management team directly) but capable to embrace projects


    As soon as possible. Duration: 2-6 months (discussable)


    To be discussed

    This internship can be a lift to an employment

    Location :


    To apply:

    Send CV + Example of your already made work to job@[our website] while indicating: “ IT Engineering”
  2. yveslionelo05

    yveslionelo05 Nouveau Membre

    16 Mar 2014
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    Salut man, je dispose des competences et du profil dont tu recherche. Comment je fait pour te contacter ou pour avoir un entretient avec toi?

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