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Stage fin mai-août Etudiante en école de commerce trilingue(Français-Anglais-Chinois)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par line.lu, 8 Avr 2010.

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    Stage 3 à 6 mois Etudiante en école de commerce trilingue(Français-Anglais-Chinois)

    I am in my second year of a three-year business school program (master in management) at the French SKEMA Business School (ex-CERAM business school) and I am looking for a three to six-month internship (from mid-May 2010) in the area of international trade for a position of assistant (sale or marketing department).
    I have the opportunity to do my second semester (started in February) in Suzhou, near Shanghai. I would like to complete this academic experience with a professional one as I am planning to work later in an international environment.

    One of my first ambitions would be to play a role linking France and China (as I am a French native speaker with Chinese origins) by working in an company with international ambition. I have lived in Beijing for nine years; thus, I can prove my awareness of the Chinese culture and of the Chinese language. Learning English all along with my studies has made me a trilingual person.

    I have been a sales assistant in clothes shop and a marketing assistant within a software editor enterprise, these experiences enabled me to acquire good communication skills, self-confidence and an ability to work within a team. As I was given different tasks to do, I had to be well organized and rigorous.

    As I already have an accommodation in Shanghai, working there will not be an issue.
    I am available by mail, would you need any further information.

    Line Lu
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